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100th Day of School Ideas - Compiled by Diane Shaw at Education Station from the many creative ideas offered by 100’s of great teachers on the internet.

Celebrate the 100th day of school with 100’s of ideas listed here.  Have fun and enjoy!



Make a class book by filling in the following frame:

I wish I had 100___________

I wish I had 100__________

I wish I had 100____________

But I'd never want 100__________!!!


Hide 100 Hershey Kisses around the room and have the kids look for them.

Place stickers on the bottom of each kiss labeled with a number from 1-100.

After a child has found a kiss they put it on a 100's chart. When all the

kisses are found have the kids decide how they can split them up evenly so

everyone gets the same amount.


Make a special 100th day necklace. String 100 fruit loops, sorted by color into groups of 10.


Make a 100th day hat by stamping 100 times on a cut out 100. Then glue on a headband strip.


Read Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday.  Use a small change purse with 100 pennies in it.  As you read, have the kids come up and count the pennies and take them out of the change purse.


Do a home project of putting 100 objects on a piece of poster board.


For a language chart you could try to come up with 100 food names, animal

names, book titles, things to do outside, etc. This is a great thinking

activity, you could complete it as a shared writing activity if you wish.


After reading The Wolves Chicken Stew, you might want to make 100 pancakes

and also have 100 cookies and doughnuts to see if your class can eat it all.

Then the class could draw something else the Wolf could give the chicks.

Using the frame The Wolf could make the chicks 100 __________, then you can

make it into a class book.


After reading 100 Angry Ants make a class book of 100 animals. 100 old owls,

kicking kangaroos, zippy zebras, running rhinos, caring cats, etc.,


Have the class draw what they think they will look like in 100 years. Older

children can write what they think the world will be like in 100 years.


Make 100 construction paper feet and see how far you will get from your

classroom door.


Have each child bring in 100 of an object (some things could be cereal,

marshmallows, nuts, M &M's, stickers, twist ties, noodles, etc.) Make a big

class chart of your 100 objects, after you do some counting activities with



Have each child write something nice someone did for them on a heart. When

you get 100 acts of kindness have a special party. Keep the display up for

the 100th day with the title. 100 Acts of Kindness in room ______.


What can we do in 100 seconds?


Show the children three jars (One of the jars should have 100 things in it,

the other two should not.). Have the children estimate which jar has 100,

and then count out the objects in each jar as a group. Discuss their predictions

and the results.


Do 100 exercises (10 of each type of exercise suggested by the children in

your class. I.E. jumping jacks, toe touches....).


Count to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's.


Make the highest structure you can with 100 blocks, or with 100 straws and

scotch tape.


Fill bags with various amounts of one item. As a group have the kids decide

which bag they think has 100 inside. Record the guesses and count. For older

children you can have the group decide which bags put together will be 100.

(for example 40 marshmallows and 60 fruit loops)


Do "What would you buy with $100.00?” Give each child a green piece of paper designed to look like a $100 dollar bill. Then have each of the students use a catalogue and

a calculator. They cut the items out that they would buy, entered the price

in and then glue the items that they purchased on their bill.



The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis

The Wolf's Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten - by J. Slate

12 Ways to Get to 11 by Eve Merriam

One Hundred Is A Family by Pam Munoz Ryan

One Hundred Hungry Ants by Eleanor Pinczes

I'll Teach My dog 100 Words by Michael Frith

I Can Count to 100...Can You? by Katherine Howard

One Hundred Monkeys by Daniel Cutler

Annos's Counting House by Mitsumasa Ann

>From 1 to 100 by Teri Sloat


Put together 100 piece puzzles.


Be quiet 100 seconds. (A real teacher favorite!)


See how long it takes to bounce a ball 100 times.



It's a Hundred Days of School - (Sung to the tune of It's a

Small World)


Oh we started school such a long time ago

And there's much we've learned and a lot we know.

We can read, write, and spell

We do math very well

It's a hundred days of school.


It's a hundred days of school,

It's a hundred days of school,

It's a hundred days of school,

It's one hundred days of school.


Yes, we've studied hard and we've made new friends

And there's much to do 'til the school year ends.

But for now .....Hip Hooray, we've reached our

Hundredth Day.

It's a hundred days of school.


It's a hundred days of school,

It's a hundred days of school,

It's a hundred days of school,

It's one hundred days of school.



100 Days Song (to "We've Been Working on the Railroad")


We've been working in our classroom, for 100 days.

We've been working in our classroom, here in the first grade.

Rising early in the morning, bring our books and pencils too.

Every day we come to first grade, we learn something new.


100 days are here, come on give a cheer

100 days are here, Hurray! Hurray!

100 days have come, come on join the fun,

100 days are here, Hurray!


Make 100 shaped glasses.

Blow up 100 balloons, see how long it takes to pop them. Have a stomp party.

Bake a cake and place 100 candles on top.  Sing "Happy 100 Day to Us".


Have your students imagine what life will be like in a hundred years. Have them draw a picture of what they will look like and write about what life will be like. Invent something that people will be using in a hundred years.


Wear a vest or sweatshirt that has 100 buttons sewn on it.


At the 100th minute of school on the 100th day, have the children in your school go out in the hall to do 100 exercises. The P.E. teacher can go on the intercom system and lead the children in exercises. Do 10 of ten different exercises (jumping jacks. trunk twists, toe touches, etc) and end with 10 cheers.


Have a 100 Day Breakfast. Give the children one sausage link (the number one) and two halves of a mini bagel (The zeros).


Collect 100 returnable bottles and then use the money for your classroom.


Have your students write "100 Reasons We Like School."


Have your students lick a lollipop 100 times.


With 10 days to go put a sign in the hallway announcing "Be ready only ____ more days!" and  change the number with 9, 8, 7, etc.


Make a 100 link chain (10 EACH OF 10 COLORS)


Walk 100 steps from your room and mark the spot


Give the students 100 math problems or 100 words to read (when you list the words make these the last 7 words-you have just read one hundred words!)


Bring in 100 pennies, nickels and dimes. Count the money to help practice counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's.


Collect 100 e-mails from around the world and put them on display on a large bulletin board. You can also put up a huge wall world map and put a smiling face or pin where each e-mail came from.


Paint a gumball machine. Then have the children do 10 dots of 10 different colors to make 100.


Have your students spell out their names using exactly 100 punched out stars, dots… and glue them to 12 x 18 construction paper.


Decorate your room with a paper chain make up of 100 links that the kids make with different colors of construction paper and tape.


Read the book The Wolf's Chicken Stew, and then make and try to eat 100 pancakes! Make small pancakes, so they are easy to make and eat.


Do some estimating. Put three bottles out with unpopped popcorn kernels. All you need for this is baby jars. Have the kids guess which jar has a hundred seeds. They will be surprised (as you will) at how few seeds make a hundred!


Have your students’ pair up and count 100 objects from our math centre. (Unifix cubes, pattern blocks, shells, caps, etc.) Have them make 10 piles of 10. Then place the 100 objects in a plastic bag. Then use the balance scale and estimate if 100 pattern blocks will weigh more/less than 100 cubes…


Using a blank 100's chart have the children write their names over and over again, one letter in each square, moving left to right and continuing on to the next line without leaving any empty spaces. Completely fill in the 100's chart. Then have them color it using their letters for a key. Example: For the name Jane--all j's on the chart might be colored red; a's, blue; n's, green; and e's, yellow. It's fun to see the different colored patterns that result (some students names create stripes, others create diagonals, and with names longer than 10 letters the results can really be unusual.) The colored charts make a great display on the wall!


Save 100 cereal boxes to build a "Hundreds House" in your classroom.


Make a connect-a-dot puzzle using 100 dots.


Collect 100 items for your local Food Bank or Humane Society. Count, sort, and graph the items.


Have all the children in the class trace their hand. Write the numbers 1-100 on each finger and make a display of 100 fingers.


Make a design using 100 pattern blocks


Cut out pictures that names a person, place or thing and glue it in the appropriate poster board (I got this ides from this website) Writing Centre: Draw what you would like when 100 and write what you think you may accomplished. Listening Centre: Listen to the story Henry Hooper and the 100 Hiccups, a tape (no book) from Scholastic. In this way I can do a lot of the activities that I wouldn't be able to do on just the one day. Of course, on the 100th Day of School, we do nothing but 100 stuff. (Yolanda, 2nd grade, New York, NY)


Use the computer program Kid Pix Studio and use the stamp tool. Have your students stamp 10 sets of 10 stamps.


Have students grab a bunch of Legos with both hands and estimate how many they think they have. Then have them really count their Legos. Only keep 100 Legos. Sort and graph the colored Legos. Using the 100 Legos, each student sees what they can build out of 100 Legos. Share their models.


Give each child 100 M&M's (of different colors). They count how many they have of each color and make a graph.

The number 100 is the perfect number for glasses. Trace the number one hundred and cut out the middle of the zeros that become the "lenses" of the glasses. Then, decorate the rims and staple onto an oaktag band so they can wear them all day!


Sing this song, sung to the tune, Three Blind Mice.

One hundred days, one hundred days,

We've been in school one hundred days,

We sat and learn the Golden Rule

Oh, isn't fun to be in school one hundred days.


Make a picture with 100 fingerprints. Keep baby wipes on hand for when they're finished!


Have the kids fill in 100 dots on a ladybug, 100 cotton balls on

a sheep, 100 gumballs on a gumball machine, 100 Swedish fish on a

fishbowl, and 100 legs on a centipede.


We sing the following song to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" :

We've been working in our classroom. For 100 days!

We've been working in our classroom. Here in (fill in grade) grade!

Rising early in the morning. Bring our books and pencils, too!

Every day at (school name). We learn something new!

100 day is here, 100 day is here. Come on and give a cheer!

100 day is here, 100 day is here. Come on and give a cheer! Hooray! (ASL)


Here is another song

Hi, ho, hi, ho,

100 days ago

We came to school

And we're so cool.

Hi, ho, hi, ho, hi, ho.

Read, "Ms. Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of



100 Piece Trail Mix (snack)

Assign children (or have parents choose) one of ten ingredients to make

trail mix. Put items in bowls so that children count to make a 100 trail mix. Give each child a brown paper bag (or small bowl) and they count 10 from each item, ending

up with 100 pieces in their trail mix. Some possible items are:

Unsalted nuts, peanuts, cashews, or almonds (watch for allergies)

Sunflower seeds

Dried cranberries

Dried cherries

Dried apricots


Mini chocolate chips (both white and brown)

Mini pretzels

Multi grain Cheerios

Whole wheat Chex cereal

M & M's


Make the 100th day punch from Ms. Bindergarten's book. The book

shows her buying the ingredients, and later shows the ingredients

listed at a centre in her classroom.

10 cans of either ginger ale, sprite, or any clear soda like that.

(count to 100 by tens as you empty them in the bowl.)

100 cherries

100 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients together...Simple, fun, tasty


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