August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history. Thousands of people lost their homes, their businesses... some even lost their lives. Hurricane Katrina is one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of the United States. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this devastating force of nature. The heartbreaking stories and images from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region are touching all of us -- adults and children alike. As much as we would love to protect our children from news about the aftermath of this tragic event, we can't do that completely. The children are seeing and hearing media coverage on the radio and TV.  They hear adults and other children talking. And, like all of us, they have thoughts and feelings about what is happening. That's why I wanted to pass along a few resources to help you support your children as they deal with their reactions to this disaster. As we, the proud people of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, move to get back on our feet in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, let's all reach out to lend a helping hand.

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Bridges to Nowhere  by Richie McDonald (ppt)
Hurricane Katrina 2005 (ppt)
(ppt) (ppt)
Mississippi Gulf Coast (ppt)
Shadow of the Steeple by Jim Hogg (wmv)

Braving the Floodwaters Bringing Hurricane Katrina into the Classroom
Children, Stress and Natural Disasters Coping with Tragedy after Hurricane Katrina
Effect of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans
Guidance For Instructors Leading Class Discussion on Hurricane Katrina Helping Children Cope with Trauma or Disaster
Hurricane Katrina and it's Aftermath Hurricane Katrina: Full Coverage @ Yahoo
Hurricane Katrina Lesson Plans Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia
Louisiana Seeks Schools for Displaced Students PBS Parents - Talking with Kids
Reactions and Guidelines for Children Following Trauma and Disaster Recovering from the Storm - LPB
Scholastic News Online: Hurricane Katrina Search for Missing People - Katrina
Stacy Bodin's Hurricane Katrina and Rita stories  
Storm 2005 Ten Tips from Save the Children: How to Help Kids Cope with Disaster
Time for Kids: Hurricane Katrina The Day After Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina Photo Essay WLBT Video Images of Hurricane Katrina

American Red Cross American Red Cross Credit Card Donation
America's Second Harvest Book Relief for Hurricane Katrina - FIRST Book
Catholic Charities Charitable Donations: Give or Take?
Do Something! We've Got Your Back(pack) Feed the Children
FEMA Charity Tips FEMA: Hurricane Katrina, How to Get Help
How You Can Help When Disaster Strikes Project BackPack  .... Project BackPack ... Operation BackPack
Salvation Army Save the Children

Ask a Hurricane Hunter
Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart BrainPop - Hurricanes
(ppt) Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page - Hurricanes
Discovery Channel  Videos on Hurricanes Earth Science Center - Hurricane Lab
Environmental Literacy Council - Hurricanes Eye of the Storm Scavenger Hunt
FEMA for Kids - Hurricanes FEMA for Kids - Hurricane House
Gander Academy - Hurricane Resources A Guide to Developing a Severe Weather Emergency Plan for Schools
Handle a Hurricane Lesson Plan Hurricanes at Enchanted Learning
Hurricanes at Weather Wiz Kids Hurricanes - A Tropical Cyclone with Winds
Hurricane Awareness Coloring Book Hurricane Awareness: Basic Hurricane Facts
Hurricane Basics from (pdf)
(pdf) Hurricane Facts, Photos, Videos - National Geographic for Kids
Hurricane Headquarters Hurricanes in History: Where, When, and How - Lesson Plan
Hurricane Hunters Hurricane Lesson Plan
(pdf) Hurricane Names - Is Your Name Here?
Hurricanes: Nature's Greatest Storms Hurricane Preparedness: Supply Kit
Hurricane Season Blows In - Lesson Plan Hurricanes Spark a Storm of Classroom Activity
Hurricane Strike: An Interactive Course in Hurricane Science Hurricane Virtual Field Trip
Hurricane Warning Scavenger Hunt Hurricane Watch @ Education World
Hurricane Weather Lesson Plan Hurricane WebQuest
Masters of Disaster Miami Museum of Science: Hurricanes
NASA- The Hurricane Name Book NASA Media Viewer: Birth of a Hurricane
NASA Media Viewer: Looking at Hurricanes NASA Observatorium: Hurricanes
NASP Responds to Hurricane Katrina National Geographic: Eye in the Sky - Hurricanes
National Hurricane Center NEA: Hurricane Watch
NWS Hurricane Awareness Severe Weather and Natural Disasters- Hurricanes
Sky Diary KIDSTORM - Hurricanes Tropical Twisters - Hurricanes How They Work and What They Do
Weather Specially for Teachers
Weather Watch - Hurricanes World Book Hurricanes


Thanks to Janet Haydel for contributing some resources for this page.

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