Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the day. Every day we will have morning activities/bell ringers like we did in TangiTech #1 and #2. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in the list below.

Journal | Email Assignment | Question of the Day | Where in the World...?
Map Game

Cards and Capitals - Use the Calling All Capitals cards (ppt) on your TangiTech Social Studies CD and the Kagan Structure "Mix-n-Match" to practice States and Capitals. When you find your "match" work with your new Learning Partner and use...

Google Maps - Use Google Maps to find a satellite picture of your state capital. Use terminology similar to this.... "Texas state capital in Austin, Texas"

Something to Think About - "Shift Happens" by Karl Fisch

"Did You Know? 2.0"- Updated June, 2007


Journal - On your TTSS CD in the Journal Template folder, you have two new journal templates. You may use either one for your journal response each morning. The Journal Question for today is "After using the GPS units on Day One and reading the homework article last night, share with me how (or if) you think this technology would fit into your Social Studies curriculum. Tell me your reservations or excitement about using GPS units with your children. Also, discuss the new software that we worked with Neighborhood Map Machine and it's value in your Social Studies curriculum." Save in your folder as "Day Two journal" and print two copies, file one in the project box on the back table.

E-Mail Assignment -
 Each day you need to check your Tangischools e-mail account and complete the assignment. Reply to me at

Question of the Day - On the back door of the lab you will find the Question of the Day with stickies underneath to record your answers. “There are only two states in the U.S. that are surrounded by eight other states. Find these two states and name the states that border them.”

Where in the World...? - Volume 2 - Ten questions should be completed together with your Learning Team. Today you need to also find the country and the latitude and longitude of the landmark. You may use the paper atlases on top of your computer or any online resource you can find. Don't forget about the Maps and Geography webpage and the Stately Knowledge webpage. We will use the "Numbered Heads Together" Kagan structure to check answers.

Map Game for the Day - Practice the 50 states and their locations at this website - United States Geography Games. Surf the Net Geography Games has the same kind of activity for all the continents and their countries.

Passport Creation - Make your own passport to use as you visit different places during the school year. Click here for the Passport template.


MapQuest and Kidspiration - Use the step-by-step directions (pdf) or (MS Word) to create a map of your neighborhood, school, or city using MapQuest and Kidspiration. Click here to see an example.

Card Games and PowerPoint -  Use these three sets of cards (PPT) created by Denise Grigas to practice Social Studies skills. Click here to find lots of great Card Game ideas.

Mystery States - Use Microsoft clip art of your two assigned states to create Mystery States PowerPoint presentations. Use the clues on the Mystery State pdf files on your TangiTech SS CD and create two Mystery State puzzles (PPT). Save your two puzzles in the Mystery State common folder on the server, so everyone will have access to everyone else's puzzles.

SMARTBoard Activities -  Review map skills and/or places on a map using these activities.
- Magnifying Magic Maps.

Voice Thread - This online application is an excellent way for students to communicate with their class and the world concerning projects. After registering at VoiceThread and previewing what this website can do... go to http://voicethread.com/share/98460/ and complete the assignment.


Circle Books - Use these Circle Book templates (PPT) to create one folded Circle Book and one hanging Circle Book about your assigned State.

Homework- Read these articles and be ready to discuss tomorrow morning... "Can Generation M Learn Its ABCs?" by Steven Simpson in T.H.E. Journal in March 2006.
- "GPS and Learning" by Charles Sinicki in techLEARNING. Hard copies are in your handouts for today.


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