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It is always good Netiquette to tell the person you are sending an email attachment in the body of your message and what the file is.

You should also make sure that you have virus protection software on your computer that scans your email attachments for viruses as they arrive and as you send them.

Listed below are the step-by-step directions for attaching files in Tangischools mail.

Tangischools Mail

  • From the New email window, click the paperclip icon that stands for "Add Attachment"
  • Step 1 in the "Choose a File to Attach" line click the "Browse" button to find your file. Once you've clicked on your file, it's name will be in the file path field.
  • Step 2 click the "Attach " button. Now you will see the file in the box that says "Current File Attachments"
  • Click the "Close" button and this brings you back to your "New Message" window where you will now see the name of your attached file.
  • Continue with your email as you normally would.
  • Click here to download detailed step-by-step directions for tangischools e-mail.

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