August Days Heading
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August is American Artist Appreciation Month, National Catfish Month, National Golf Month, National Inventor's Month, National Water Quality Month, Children's Vision and Learning Month; National Back to School Month;
August Flower is Poppy and Birthstone is Sardonyx.
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sunshineAugust at Preschool Express sunshine Click here for some ideas about August.... and some more August Happenings
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sunshine with sun glassesSpecial Weeks in Augustsunshine with sun glasses
1st Week
sun bullet National Clown Week
2nd Week
sun bulletElvis Week, National Apple Week, National Smile Week; Don't Wait - Celebrate Week;
3rd Week
sun bulletAmerican Dance Week; Air Conditioning Appreciation Week;
1st Sunday in August
sun bulletNational Friendship Day
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August 1
sun bulletFrances Scott Key's birthday (1779);
sun bullet In 1960, Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was released.
sun bulletMTV debuted in 1981
sun bulletYves Saint Laurent's birthday (1936). The fashion designer that is credited with making women's trousers popular for any occasion.
August 2
sun bulletNational Ice Cream Sandwich Day
sun bulletPierre Charles L'Enfant's birthay (1754) - After serving as an officer in the Revolutionary War, he was selected by Washington and Jefferson to draw up plans fora new national capital in Washington D.C. His plan featured broad avenues radiating out from the capitol building.
sun bulletSigning of the Declaration of Independence
August 3
sun bulletNational Watermelon Day
sun bulletChristopher Columbus set sail from Spain in 1492. He left Palos, Spain, before sunrise with three ships and a crew of 90 men.
August 4
sun bulletMunro Leaf's birthday - author of Ferdinand
sun bullet
In 1922 The nation?s 13 MILLION TELEPHONES WERE SILENT for a moment in tribute to Alexander Graham Bell on the occasion of his funeral.
August 5
sun bullet Neil Armstrong's birthday (1930)
sun bulletThe comic strip, "Little Orphan Annie", debuted in the New York Daily News in 1924.
sun bulletDick Clark's American Bandstand debuted in 1957.
sun bulletNational Mustard Day
August 6
sun bulletMatt Christopher's birthday (1917)
sun bulletBarbara Cooney's birthday (1917)
sun bulletFrank Asch's birthday (1946)
August 7
sun bulletBetsy Byars' birthday (1928)
August 9
sun bulletPresident Richard M. Nixon resigns in 1974
sun bulletIn 1944 the Forest Service created Smokey the Bear to represent forest fire prevention.
August 10
sun bulletThe Smithsonian Institute was founded in 1846.
August 11
sun bulletDon Freeman's birthday (1908)
August 12
sun bulletCecil B. deMille's birthday (1881)
sun bulletThomas Edison invented the PHONOGRAPH.
August 13
sun bulletPhoebe Anne Oakley Mozee's birthday, "Annie Oakley" (1860)
sun bullet Alfred Hitchcock's birthday (1899)
sun bullet International Lefthanders Day
August 15
sun bulletNapoleon Bonaparte's birthday (1769)
sun bulletNational Relaxation Day

sun bulletWoodstock Music Festival began at Max Yasgur's dairy farm in New York on Friday, August 15th in 1969.
sun bulletDavy Crockett's birthday (1786)

August 16
sun bulletBeatrice S. DeRegniers' birthday (1914)
August 18
sun bulletThe first mail-order catalog was published by Montgomery Ward in 1872. It was a single sheet of paper.
August 19
sun bulletOrville Wright's birthday (1871) National Aviation Day
sun bulletWilliam Jefferson "Bill" Clinton's birthday (1946)
sun bulletOgden Nash's birthday (1902)
sun bulletCalifornia gold strike in 1848

August 20

sun bulletBenjamin Harrison, 23rd president of the US was born in 1833. He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the 9th president of the US.
August 23
sun bulletMartin Luther King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington, D.C. in 1963
August 25
sun bulletThe movie The Wizard of Oz was first released in 1939.

August 26

sun bulletWomen's Equality Day
August 27
sun bulletK'ung Fut-tzu, "Confucius" birthday (551 B.C.)
sun bulletLyndon Baines Johnson's birthday (1908)
sun bullet"Mother Teresa's" birthday (1910)
August 28
sun bulletAllen Say's birthday (1937)
sun bulletTasha Tudor's birthday (1915)
August 28
sun bulletVirginia Lee Burton's birthday (1909)
August 30
sun bulletAuthor and Illustrator Donald Crews' birthday (1938)
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