This idea is from 50 Quick and Easy Computer Activities for Kids by Tammy Worcester, published by Visions Technology.
Zip lock bags are used a lot in the classroom for collection of objects such and leaves, shapes, seeds, rocks, insects, seashells, fossils, soil samples, etc. The Bag Tag PowerPoint template could be used by the student to label the contents of the ziplock bag.

Directions for Bag Tags:

  1. Open the Bag Tag PowerPoint template by right clicking on the link and choose "Save target as."
  2. Save the file to the Desktop and open it.
  3. Click and drag over the words in the textbox and type in your information for the Bag Tag.
  4. Add images by clicking "Insert" > "Picture" > "From File" or "ClipArt."
  5. Save and Print.
  6. Fold the Bag Tag on the center line so you can see your text.
  7. Now fold the bottom end of the page back and in to the center fold line. Do the same to the back side.
  8. Now put the folded Bag Tag over the top of your ziplock bag and staple it.

Click here to see an example of a Magnolia Bag Tag. (ppt)

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