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A Technology Newsletter for the Tangipahoa Parish School System

?September 2000

??Fifth Edition...


Tangipahoa Parish Instructional Technology Department has grown bigger over the summer months. We now have two full time technicians and a new helpdesk secretary that are available to help keep the fast growing number of computers in our schools working properly. John Trotter and Mike Diaz can be spotted in and out of schools making computers and teachers happy everywhere they go. If you have technical problems with an instructional computer, call Carol Edwards at the help desk 345-1406 at Jake Ragusa's office fax to 542-1914 or e-mail Carol at:

and include the following information.
*School and Room Number
*Brand and Model of Computer
*Steps taken to fix problem
*Detailed description of the problem including any error messages you are getting. HOTT team members at your school have forms to fill out for requesting technical help with your computers.


One teacher from each TPSS school is a member?of the HOTT Team...."Hands On Technology Teacher". These teachers will serve as liasons between the Instructional Technology Office and the individual schools. HOTT team members will help to disseminate information, give input concerning the needs for staff development, and help coordinate system wide workshops. If you have any questions about schedules or upcoming events, contact the HOTT Team member at your school.
Congratulations go out to Tangipahoa Parish Teachers who were awarded Louisiana LEARN Individual Teacher subgrants for the 2000-20001 school year. Each of these teachers will receive $1000 of materials and equipment for their classrooms.

Those awarded are as follows:


Jake Ragusa, TPSS Instructional Technology Coordinator, has announced that After-School Technology Training classes will be held at three training sites this school year. D.C. Reeves Elementary in Ponchatoula, Independence Middle School, and West Side Middle School in Amite will host classes Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:45 to 5:45 p.m. All Tangipahoa Parish Schools will have the new schedule of classes posted. If not, ask the HOTT team member at your school. Some of the things that these sessions will cover are: Windows 1 and 2; MS Word; MS Excel; MS PowerPoint 1 and 2; Internet 1 and 2; Peripherals 1 and 2; Graph Club; Kid Pix 1 and 2;Kid Works Deluxe,Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center; Searching Techniques, Digital File Management, and Web Page Design 101 and 102;
All Tangipahoa Parish School System employees have an email address available to them through our website www.tangischools.org. For detailed directions on how to activate your email account, please see the HOTT team member at your school. They will give you a step-by-step direction sheet for accessing and activating your email account.
World Book Online

All Tangipahoa Parish Schools can access World Book Online by clicking on from any computer connected to our Wide Area Network. or from home. This is a free resource to Louisiana schools provided by Louisiana Center for Educational Technology. Teachers and students should contact their school librarin for login and password information.

All Tangipahoa Parish School System employees should have a current Acceptable Use Policy on file in their school office. Once this document is signed and on file, you have rights to use the TPSS Wide Area Network.

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Internet Coach PuzzleCenter
Internet Coach® puzzles are a challenging and fun way to integrate the Internet into your classroom. Here are just a few ways that other teachers have used puzzles in their classrooms:
*Practice spelling words with Word Shape Match.
*Build vocabulary with Crossword Puzzles.
*Give synonym or antonym clues with Word Search Puzzles.
*Classify words by number of syllables or part of speech with Word Paint.
*Review key science terms with Word Scramble.
*Add a rhyming word twist to Anagrams.
*Create riddles from social studies facts with the solution in Secret Code.

The Great Plant Escape

Detective LePlant guides students through the information they need about plants and the part they play in our lives. In six multi-disciplinary lessons, plants, dirt, flowers, and bulbs are the center of attention. A teachers guide integrates the lessons and online quizzes with other classroom ideas.

LACUE conference

"Scrollin' on the River: a technology journey,"the Sixteenth Annual Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators Conference, to be held once again at the Riverfront Convention Complex in Alexandria on November 9-11, 2000. You can preregister online at www.lacue.org. Tangipahoa educators that are interested in attending should contact for details.


Highlighting Text

To highlight a word, double-click it; to highlight a line, click once to its left (in the left margin); and to highlight a paragraph, double-click to its left (again, in the margin). Now let's look at some bigger selections.

To highlight a large area of text, click once at the beginning of the text, hold down Shift, and then click at the end of the text;or, while holding
down Shift, use the cursor keys to expand the selection.To highlight an entire document, place the cursor at the very beginning of the document and press Ctrl-Shift-End; or, with your cursor anywhere, press Ctrl-A.


"I am very excited about and proud to be a part of the results that were achieved by the teachers and students in the 1999-2000 school year. I expect the trend of increasing scores to continue this year. As we begin this new school year, I hope everyone takes time to remember why we all work so hard. The children in our schools are worth the work and the effort. We are swamped with things to be upgraded as the new year begins, but the School Board and Mr. Allen are providing greater resources for all of us to continue to help you accomplish great things. Have a wonderful first month as we begin a great year."

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WWWords to Live By

Don't mistake the information in your computer for knowledge:"Information is just signs and numbers, while knowledge
involves their meaning. What we want is knowledge, but what we get is information."
--Heinz R. Pagels



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