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Kid Pix Activity for The Mitten.
AR points .5 and book level 3.9
After students have read The Mitten, they should create a Mitten Glyph in Kid Pix. Have the students use the Wacky Pencil to draw a great big mitten or trace a mitten on transparency film and use that as a pattern to trace on the computer screen. Children should use the following criteria to create their own personalized Mitten Glyph, save and print. When completed, the teacher can create a slide show in Kid Pix of all the Mitten Glyphs and have the class interpret the data by looking at their fellow student's glyphs.
Red Mitten = I like summer best. Blue Mitten = I like winter best.
Yellow Mitten = I like fall best. Green Mitten = I like spring best.
design = I am six years old.
Hint - stars can be found in KidPix3 rubber stamp categories
AdLib; Cutouts; Toonies; and Toonies2;
design = I am seven years old.
Hint smiley faces can be found in KidPix3 rubber stamp category
Adlib and the Paintbucket patterns;
Furry and fluffy cuff = I liked the book The Mitten.
Plain straight cuff = I did not like the book The Mitten.

Here's my Mitten glyph done in KidPix Deluxe 3rd Edition...
I LOVE this program;)
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