This idea is from 50 Quick and Easy Computer Activities for Kids by Tammy Worcester, published by Visions Technology.
Have students write a poem or a "rap" about whatever the subject is that they are studying and then use the Candy "Rapper" PowerPoint template to publish it. Students can use the Candy "Rapper" on a fake candy bar made of cardboard and aluminum foil or the REAL thing ....Yum, Yum.

Candy "Rapper" PowerPoint Template - Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As". When the template downloads, click to open it, and use PowerPoint to make your "rapper."


  • Click and drag over the words in the textbox to type your "rap"
  • If you want a line of your "rap" to indent, click the Increase Indent button on the Formatting toolbar.
  • Insert clip art to add color and interest to your Candy "Rapper"
  • To fill the rectangle which is your Candy "Rapper", click on the rectangle line to get handlebars and then click the "Paintbucket" (Fill Color tool) on the Drawing Toolbar.
Below you will find some decorative candy wrappers that are complete with graphics. Right click on the link then "Save Target As". Save the file to the desktop and open it to work in PowerPoint and personalize. Have students click on the name and year to personalize.
Easter Candy bar Wrapper (ppt) Easter Candy Wrapper 2 - (ppt)
Mother's Day Candy bar Wrapper (ppt) .Valentine's Candy bar Wrapper (ppt)

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