35 Chocolate Activities All About Chocolate
At Last! Chocolate is Good For You! Billy Bear's Chocolate Candy Postcards
Cacao Candy Train
Candy USA - History of Chocolate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Literature: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chocolate
Chocolate Chocolate Books - list
Chocolate Corner Chocolate: Educators' Resources

Chocolate Exhibition Chocolate Fever Teacher's Guide
Chocolate Fun Facts Chocolate Manufacturer's Association
Chocolate Scented Playdough Chocolate Science
Chocolate Spoon Chocolate Thematic Unit
Chocolate Stories Internet Project
A Chocolate Timeline The Chocolate Touch Activities
Chocolate Quiz Chocolate-ty School Lessons

Crafts and Ideas: Hersheys Discovering the Sweet Mysteries of Chocolate
A Dozen Candy Coated Classroom Activities - Education World Exploratorium Magazine: Chocolate
Godiva Chocolate Hershey's
Hershey's Kisses Crafts The History of Chocolate
The History of Chocolate How Chocolate is Made
How Chocolate Works M&Ms
The M&M Brand Chocolate Counting Book Curriculum Web MI + Chocolate = Fun
Making Chocolate - Hershey's
Mr. Cadbury's Chocolate Mrs. Lo's Chocolate Unit
 Factory Mrs. Tamburello's Chocolate Unit

Name That Candy Bar Game Sweet Science of Chocolate
TEAMS: Marvelous M&M Survey
Theobroma Cacao Tootsie Roll
Wacky World of Wonka Welcome to the Chocolate-ty Cool School of Learning Adventures
Welcome to Ghirardelli Where Does Chocolate Come From?

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