How much do you really know about the voyages of Christopher Columbus?
Sail off on a journey across the Web to learn more.
Start your expedition at
print the page to record your answers then get to work.
Supersized Voyage Map - Grasp the scale of the legendary first journey of Columbus with a supersized class map. Visit Enchanted Learning and the Mariner's Museum for world maps to mark out the voyage, then cover one classroom wall in bulletin board paper. Use a projector to display a large image of the map onto the wall. Trace the image, then move the map to the floor so that you can paint or label it. Use model ships to demonstrate the path Columbus traveled. Where did he think he was going? Where did he actually land?
Coat of Arms - After his successful voyages, Spain awarded Columbus the right to bear a coat of arms. Visit Columbus Coat of Arms website to see it. Talk about the symbols that Columbus chose, and what they might reveal about his personality and his position in the Spanish court. Now design your own coats of arms to reflect your personalities and the important things in your lives. Divide your shields into four sections and choose the symbols, shapes, and colors you wish to display. Use Kid Pix to design these for a technology project.
Journals of Exploration- Columbus kept a careful journal of all of his travels, fragements of which survive. Click here and here to see two examples of his journals. Columbus wrote about the natural environment and the native people he encountered along his journeys. As you read a few passages, look carefully at his descriptions. How might a Native American have described Columbus and his crew? Think through this question by writing and illustrating fictional journals from the point of view of a Native American.
Activities from Instructor October, 2002.

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