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Dec. 1 Jan Brett's birthday (1949)
Dec. 2 "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" song made it's debut in 1947.
Georges Seurat's birthday (1859)
Dec. 3 International Day of Disabled Persons
Dec. 5 Walt Disney's birthday, (1901)
Dec. 6 St. Nicholas Day
Dec. 7 Pearl Harbor Day (1941)
Dec. 9 Joel Chandler Harris' birthday (1848) author of Uncle Remus
Computer mouse was invented in 1968
Dec. 10 Human Rights Day in US
Emily Dickinson's birthday (1810-1886)

Melville Dewey's birthday (1858)
Mercer Mayer's birthday (1943)
Dec. 12 Poinsettia Day
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican holiday)
Dec. 13 St. Lucia Day
Dec. 14 South Pole is discovered in 1911
Dec. 15 Thomas Edison patented the phonograph in 1877
James Naismith invented basketball in 1891
Dec. 16 Boston Tea Party (1773)
Dec. 17 Wright brothers first successful flight in 1903
Dec. 18 Steven Spielberg's birthday (1946)
Dec. 19 Eve Bunting's birthday (1928)
Dec. 20 Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803
Hannukah begins
Dec. 21 First crossword puzzle was created by Arthur Wayne in 1913
First day of Winter

The earmuff was invented in 1873
Dec. 24 Kit Carson's birthday (1809)
Dec. 25 Merry Christmas
Dec. 26 Boxing Day in Canada, England, Ireland, Australia
Kwanzaa begins
Dec. 27 Louis Pasteur's birthday (1822)
Dec. 28 Chocolate Day
Dec. 29 Molly Bang's birthday (1943)
Dec. 30 Rudyard Kipling's birthday (1865)
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve
Henry Matisse's birthday (1863)
Omisoka- Japanese holiday

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