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Election 2004 WebQuest - Education World Scholastic: Election 2004 - Politics America Votes
Color the Presidential Seal The 30 Second Candidate  - A Look at Television Ads
American Presidency Game Show American Presidency Word Guess
Atlas of US Presidential Elections Cast Your Vote
CBS News Campaign 2004 CSPAN Campaign 2004
Choose or Lose Rock the Vote
Decision 2004 CNN AllPolitics
Democracy Project: Inside the Voting Booth Education World - Election 2004 Classroom Activities
Education World - Election 2004 Ten More Activities The Election Co-nection
Election Central Federal Election Commission
Elections and Our Government Books Elections the American Way
Student Research Resources - Elections You Decide 2004
How the President of the US is Elected - Enchanted Learning PBS By the People: Election 2004
The Inaugural Classroom Lesson Plan Election 2004 - National Council for Social Studies
Kids Voting USA Election 2000 Resources for Teachers
Voting and Registration Data Commission on Presidential Debates
A History of Presidential Elections The Green Papers: US Presidential Election 2004
2004 National Cyber Convention Ben's Guide: Election of the President
CNN: The Debates CyberBee's Election Lessons
Learning Adventures in Citizenship Headbone Derby Goes to the Polls
Polling Politics Front Page
Presidency 2004 The Times Looks Back: Presidential Elections
Electing a President: Lessons for Teaching About the Presidential Primaries How to Vote: Election Tutorial
The Living Room Candidate Ed World Talks with the Presidential Candidates
Voting in a Primary Classroom Kids Vote: Enchanted Learning
US Election Process - Internet Scavenger Hunt What's a Primary Election - Internet Scavenger Hunt
Election Results Map - Lesson Plan Election 2004 WebQuest
MarcoGram: The Presidential Race Meet the Candidates WebQuest
National Student/Parent Mock Election NY Times 2004 Election Guide
Electing a President for Kids Primaries, Voting, and Elections at Education World
Elections at Election Comic Strip Story Campaign 2004
Step-by-Step On the Campaign Trail PBS - The Democracy Project
Time for Kids - Election 2004 US Presidential Election 2004
US Citizenship Quiz Vice Presidents - We Hardly Knew You Quiz
USA Today - Elections and Politics Weekly Reader - Election Central
Vote USA - 2004 Welcome to the US Presidency
History of Presidential Elections
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