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Click here for Fall stationery

Sitting Scarecrow

Use a perfect square of paper to make the Sitting Scarecrow's body.
It's best to use either construction paper or cover stock to make the body sturdy enough to stand up and hold something.
Follow the folding and cutting directions below.

Click here to download (PPT files)...or better yet draw your own with construction paper and markers. Once you've made his body, cut out the head and paste on the point of the body.  You can also design and draw the Sitting Scarecrow's heads using KidPix or the Paint Program on your computer. Fill the pouch with straw or with vocabulary words, math facts, etc.

What is it? The Autumnal Equinox happens once a year. At this time, because of the motion of the Earth around the Sun and because the Earth is tilted, the Sun crosses over the Earth's equator on its way south..

The word equinox means "equal night"; night and day are the same length of time. It marks the start of autumn.

In the north the hottest days of summer are past and each day is shorter than the last. Trees will soon turn brilliant colors. Soon it will be time for hot cocoa and warm coats.

Far to the south, across the equator, spring has arrived. The days are growing longer, and the weather is warmer. Soon wild flowers will be blooming, bringing the promise of summer's heat and new life.

The reason for these changes has to do with the Earth's yearly trip around the sun. For part of the year the Earth's North Pole points away from the sun and part of the time toward it. This is what causes our seasons. When the North Pole points toward the sun, the sun's rays hit the northern half of the world more directly. That means it is warmer and we have summer. But when the North Pole is pointed toward the sun, the South Pole is pointed away. So the Earth south of the equator gets less warmth from the sun and it is winter there. Summer is even warmer and winter is colder because of the length of our days and nights. In the summer daylight lasts longer and nighttime is shorter. In winter the days are shorter and the nights longer. That means there is more time for the sun to warm us during long summer days. And short winter days have long, cold nights.

Things occurring on the day of Autumnal Equinox: That on this day, the length of day and night is the same. That after this day, the night will be longer than the day, for people in the northern hemisphere. That on this day, the Sun will rise at the South Pole for the first time in six months. The ancients knew that this was a special day, and they celebrated it with special events.

This small scarecrow box  is a fun printable.


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Fall Ideas

Pumpkin Seed Toss - Number and line up 5 small baskets or crates; then have the children stand 3 feet in front of the first crate and toss seeds into the crates in sequence. Small prizes can be given for each of the crates they get their seeds in.

Corn Husking Race - Give each child 4 ears of unhusked corn and race to see who can have all of their corn husked first.

Pumpkin Walk - This is like a regular cake walk except instead of numbers, place pictures of several fall items on the floor for the children to walk on and call out the names of the items instead of numbers. Use fall themed music such as "Turkey In The Straw" or "Jimmy Cracked Corn".

Floating Pumpkins - Number the bottom of the small gourds that look like miniature pumpkins and float them in water for the children to choose one for small prizes.

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Right click on these links and then left click on "Save Target As"... now save the template to your computer, then "Open" and let the students write. These are PowerPoint files with text boxes for the kids to write in digitally or you can print them out and let them use the stationery to write by hand.

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