Internet 101

 A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
 There is a difference between the " Internet"
and the "World Wide Web".

 ...highlighted words or graphics in a web document that, when clicked upon, takes the user to a related piece of information on the Internet. know it's a link if the cursor turns into a hand with a pointing finger.
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer -
The browsers is the latest versions from the Internet.

Check out the site above and use the following buttons on your browser icon bar...Back, Forward, Reload, Home.
Where would you like your
Home Page button to be linked to?
What do you think the
Stop button might be used for???

 URL extensions
(uniform resource locator)
 .com = commercial enterprise  .org = non-profit organization 
 .edu = educational institution  .gov = government agency 
 .net = network   .mil = military branch of government 

URL's have no spaces, no capitals, must be typed exactly. "/" is called a forward slash and ". " is called a dot, not a period.
Surf around to find an example of each kind of website listed above.

 Search Engines
Let's do some searching... Choose a subject that you are teaching right now in your classroom...Use one of these...Search Engines
A great tutorial on searching techniques is Seven Steps Toward Better Searching. Find more tutorials and help for Searching Techniques here.

 Bookmarks / Favorites
 When you find a site you want to keep and revisit without typing in the URL, you should mark it. Go to  "Favorites" in Internet Explorer. Click "Add Favorites."
 Bookmark at least three of the sites listed below when you visit them.

Go on a Virtual Field Trip
Explore a variety of Virtual Field Trip sites and find one that you can integrate into the curriculum.

Choose An Online Project

Online projects vary in complexity and subject matter anywhere from class keypals to entering information into a global database. Preview a few online projects that your class might benefit from participating in. Blackwell's Best Online Projects

Must See Sites for Internet 101
 Education World  Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper 
Educator's Reference Desk Enchanted Learning Awesome Library 
Blue Web'N  The Math Forum  Discovery School
Scholastic Magic School Bus
BlueMountain Electronic Greeting Cards

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