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After we explore Kid Pix 4 and Kid Pix Activity Kits, visit some of the links below to see how teachers and students use my "all time favorite" multimedia program.

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HINT - In the new KidPix 4, you can set up multiple users at one time for classroom use, or if lots of kids use the same computer.
To change the settings for multiple users:
1. At the "Login" screen, type "KidPixAdmin" and then click "Go"
2. Type the names of the new users and click "
Add" after each one.
3. To delete a user, select the name to remove and click "
4. Click "
Done" when you are finished.
Glyph Templates
  • To download these templates, right click on the link, then left click on "Save Target As...".
  • Now choose where you want to save the template and click to save it to your computer.
  • If it is a Word Document you can click "Open" when the file downloads and the directions will open in a word document.
  • The Kid Pix templates won't open like that... you have to open the Kid Pix program first, login, and then go to the top Menu and click "File" and "Open", then navigate to where you saved the Kid Pix Glyph template to open it.
Birthday Glyph (Kid Pix file) (MS Word file)
Baby Blocks Glyph (Kid Pix file) (MS Word file)
Bookworm Glyph (Kid Pix file) (MS Word file)
Grouchy LadybugClick here to find my KidPix Ladybug Glyph to go with The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. To download the file, right click, then click on "Save Target As", then save to your computer in a place where you can find it, then after it finishes downloading, click "OPEN." You will have to have KidPix 3 to be able to open this file.
Click here to find my KidPix  Glyph to go with The Mitten by Jan Brett.
Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

In the Kid Pix workshop, we will use Blue Dog by George Rodrigue to do a pattern writing activity using Kid Pix as the productivity tool. Click here to find the technology connected lesson plan, (MS Word document). For the workshop, teachers can find the colored backgrounds in the following categories: Active, Celebrate, Culture, Everyday, Fantasy, Nature, Photos, and Science.


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