Click here to download the digital template for the Poof Book (PPT)
use the directions below to fold the Poof Book.... or.... make a Poof Book
in which the students write and illustrate their book by hand.
1. Fold paper in half "hotdog style" (lengthwise) and crease.
    2. Now fold in half and crease, and fold in half one more time and crease again.
    3. Open up and you should have eight sections.
  4. Now fold in half "hamburger style".
    5. Cut a slit starting at the folded edge, in half way up to the first crease line.
  6. When you open the paper again, you will see a slit in the center.
7. Now fold the paper like a "hot dog" again with the fold at the top, and you will begin to see a "poof" in the center.
  8. Hold the two ends of the paper and push your hands together to make the "poof" section spread out even more.
    9. Push the sections all the way together and fold the front over and crease. The "Poof Book" now stays together without staples.

Stapleless Book is another digital version of the Poof Book at

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