As we approach the ten year anniversary of one of America's greatest tragedies, all of us should look back with great respect, to honor those who gave their lives on September 11, 2001. Hopefully you will be able to use some of these resources with your children, as we pay tribute to those heroes and pledge to "Never Forget."
God Bless America.

These four stationery templates can be downloaded for use by saving to your computer first... then opening them.


BrainPOP video - September 11

September 11 Attacks 9/11 Interactive Timeline
Digital History - September 11th 9/11 Ten Years later -
Newseum - Today's Front Pages - September 12, 2001 September 11: Bearing Witness to History
National September 11 Memorial & Museum September 11 Digital Archive
9/11/2001 - The Day That Changed America America Remembers - CNN Special
911 Remembrance Pin September 11: A Nation Remembers
Shattered 9/11/2001 KidsNewsRoom
National Geographic - Remembering 9/11 New York Times - Daily Lesson Plan
New York Times - Remembering the Victims Online News Hour - Life After 9.11 - Remember 9.11 PBS - America Responds
Proverbs of One World - Education World CNN Chronology of Terror
September 11 Bookmarks for Kids September 11 Lesson Plans at
September 11 Resources September 11 Through Children's Eyes
The September 11 Digital Archive CNN - September 11 A Memorial
Time: September 11 - A Nation Remembers September 11
Teaching 9-11 Timeline of Events - September 11-18, 2001
United We Stand Posters USA Candle Craft
USA Activities for Kids My Name is Osama - Education World Lesson Plan
Education World - Remembering September 11 September 11 - Lessons and Resources for Classroom Teachers
Teaching About 9-11: Teaching Activities and Resources Internet Scavenger Hunt - 9-11
Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive United We Stand
9/11 Timeline - Video 9/11 Commemoration Resources
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