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apple button Spool Stand-Up Students - Use your digital camera and have the students take full length pictures of each other. Students then insert their digital picture into a blank PowerPoint slide and crop the picture so that all you see is the student. Next, student's should insert Word Art of their name and move it under their feet as if they are standing on their name. Print on cardstock, cut out around the outside of the body and Word Art and laminate. Take a spool of thread (empty or full) and glue a drinking straw in the center hole of the spool of thread. Now use scotch tape and tape the body to the straw. Use ribbon or raffia for a bow or to cover the spool. Stand these up on desks or atop cubbyholes for Open House. If you have a recycled "Cookie Bouquet" container like the one on the right, put your "Stand-Up Students" in it.
apple button Funny Photographs - Have students insert their digital pictures into a Kid Pix slide and then use the Kid Pix tools to "disguise" themselves. Add a new nose, or ears, draw some wild hair, etc. Save and print. Post these Funny Photographs on a bulletin board and have parents see if they can find their own child when they visit for Open House. For a true curriculum connection, have the students do another Kid Pix slide on which they type a creative writing story telling about why they look like they do in their "Funny Photograph."

apple buttonStudent Hang-ups - Use your digital camera and let the students take pictures of each other with a close up from shoulders up. Insert the picture into a blank PowerPoint slide. Add one more slide to the Power Point and have the students use Word Art to type their name and then several adjectives that describe themselves. Now print and cut out the head , names, and adjectives. Glue the head on the hook part of a papercovered hanger. Glue the name and adjectives on the paper covering of the hanger. Display the "Student Hang-ups" from the light fixtures or ceiling tiles in your classroom.
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