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Penguins heading
penguin linepenguin line

Penguin Books | Penguin Pictures | Penguin Stationery | Penguin Origami

penguin bulletAfrican Penguin Printout penguin bulletAbout Antarctica Penguins
penguin bulletAll About Penguins - Monterey Bay Aquarium penguin bulletAll the Penguins - song
penguin bulletAnimal Bytes - Penguins penguin bulletAntarctica
penguin bulletAntarctic Penguins - hear them here penguin bulletThe Blubber Glove
penguin bulletCentral Park Zoo Cam - Penguins penguin bulletCreature Feature: Emporer Penguins
penguin bulletDraw a Penguin with Uncle Fred penguin bulletEmperor Penguin Printout
penguin bulletFalklands Penguins penguin bulletDancing Party Penguins
penguin bulletGo, Penguins, Go! penguin bulletHand and Footprint Penguin
penguin bulletHatching and Care of Penguin Chicks penguin bulletKid Zone Penguins
penguin bulletLearn to Draw Penguins penguin bulletLive from Antarctica 2
penguin bulletMarch of the Penguins Game penguin bulletMonterey Bay Splash Zone
penguin bulletMrs. Meisner's Penguin Page penguin bulletNational Geographic Frozen Under
penguin bulletNew Zealand Penguins penguin bulletPenguin Adaptation
penguin bulletPenguin Arts and Crafts penguin bulletPenguin Border Paper to print
penguin bulletPenguin Capers penguin bulletPenguin Coloring Book
penguin bulletPenguin Coloring Pages penguin bulletPenguin Cookies O'Coolness
penguin bulletPenguin Craft Activities penguin bulletPenguin Crafts for Kids - DLTK
penguin bulletPenguin Crafts Project penguin bulletPenguin Creature Feature
penguin bulletPenguin Games penguin bulletPenguin Games in New Zealand
penguin bulletPenguin Greeting Cards penguin bulletA Penguin Grows Up
penguin bulletPenguin - Make One From Hearts penguin bulletPenguin Jigsaw Puzzle
penguin bulletPenguin March Song penguin bulletPenguin Number Puzzles
penguin bulletPenguin Origami penguin bulletPenguin Panic Game
penguin bulletPenguin, Penguin - story penguin bulletPenguin Physical Characteristics
penguin bulletPenguin Planet penguin bulletPenguin Poems
penguin bulletPenguin Postcards penguin bulletPenguin Printable Pages
penguin bulletPenguin Printouts penguin bulletPenguin Projects
penguin bulletPenguin Quiz penguin bulletPenguin Senses
penguin bulletPenguin Shape Book penguin bulletPenguin Song
penguin bulletPenguin Species penguin bulletPenguin Theme
penguin bulletPenguin Theme penguin bulletPenguin Theme
penguin bulletPenguin Venn Diagram penguin bulletPenguin WebQuest
penguin bullet penguin bulletPenguin Worksheet for Kids
penguin bulletPenguins penguin bulletPenguins
penguin bulletPenguins penguin bulletPenguins
penguin bulletPenguins - Grades K-3 Teacher Guide penguin bulletPenguins - Grades 4-8 Teacher Guide
penguin bulletPenguins Around the World Scavenger Hunt penguin bulletPenguins at
penguin bulletPenguins at penguin bulletPenguins - Diet and Eating Habits
penguin bulletPenguins in New Zealand penguin bulletPenguins of the World
penguin bulletPenguins Lesson Plan penguin bulletPenguins Theme Sign
penguin bulletPerfectly Puzzling Penguins penguin bulletPete and Barb's Penguin Pages
penguin bulletPop Goes Antarctica penguin bulletRockhopper Penguin Printout
penguin bulletScholastic's Winter Animals penguin bulletTacky the Penguin Reader's Theatre
penguin bulletVirtual Antarctica Science penguin bulletThe World of Penguins
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penguin bookspenguin books
penguin bulletTacky the Penguin by Helen Leister penguin bulletCuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough
penguin bulletThree Cheers for Tacky by Helen Leister penguin bulletLittle Penguin's Tale by Audrey Wood
penguin bulletPenguin Pete by Marcus Pfister penguin bulletMr. Popper's Penguins by Richard & Florence Atwater
penguin bulletMr. Popper's? Penguins Lesson Plan penguin bulletMr. Popper's Penguins Links


All the templates below are PowerPoint templates ready for the students to begin writing. You must FIRST SAVE? the file to your computer by "Right Click > Save Target As." Choose where you want to save the file and then click "Save". Now you and your students are ready to begin writing.
penguin bullet penguin bullet
penguin bullet penguin bullet

penguin bullet

penguin bullet

Use a perfect square of paper to make the penguin's body. It's best to use either construction paper or cover stock to make the penguin sturdy enough to stand up and hold something. Follow the folding and cutting directions below.

Once you've made his body use colored construction paper to cut out some penguin feet and glue them to the end of the legs. ?and print it... or better yet draw your own with construction paper and markers. You can also design and draw a penguin's head using KidPix or the Paint Program on your computer. Now add any other features you'd like to make the penguin look ready for Winter. Fill his pouch with anything and everything.

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