My Pictures Folder - organizing graphics
Picture, Draw and Word Art Toolbars - Click "View" > "Toolbars" and put a check mark in front of these toolbars... drag them where you want them to anchor them.
Thumbnail Views  - In the "Insert Picture" dialog box, click the downpointing arrow next to the "Views" icon > "Thumbnails"
Dealing with graphics in Windows XP - click here to find some settings for your computer that only have to be done one time and your life will be a WHOLE lot easier dealing with graphics in Windows XP.
Google Image Search - click here for step-by-step - Google Images is blocked in TPSS network but you can do your searching at home and save to bring to school.
Graphics on the Web - right click, save picture as...
Astronomy Picture of the Day

      Kodak Picture of the Day
      Earth Science Picture of the Day
      Colorado Scenic Picture of the Day
      Eqypt Picture of the Day
      National Geographic Picture of the Day
      Horse Picture of the Day
      Weather Photo of the Week
      Cat of the Day
      Dog of the Day
      Pet of the Day
NASA Image of the Day
      Botany Picture of the Day
Graphic Resources List
Using Office Clipart in Word and PPT
Searching Office Clipart
    Clipart Online
Drawing AutoShapes and formatting
Mobile pieces / Christmas Ornaments - step by step directions
    TicTacToe cards and pieces
Changing colors of textured backgrounds in PPT
Creating Callouts for digital pictures and graphics
Digital Camera pictures - frames and borders in Office Clipart
Free Rotate Tool in Office
Photographer of the Day
Doorhangers in PPT
Calendars in MS Word - File / New / General Templates / Other Documents / Calendar Wizard
- free online photo editor and effects software. Apply 1000s of digital photo effects to your images with just one click.
- great photo editing tool that allows you to edit pictures online
Other Free Graphic Editors
Fauxto -
     Snipshot -
     Pixenate -

     Picnik -
     PC Image Editor -
     Picasa -
     FxFoto -
     Photobie -
     3D Textmaker -
     Picture2Life - -

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