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"A portfolio is a "living history of a teaching-learning life."
from Professional Portfolios by Teachers by Wilcox and Tomeii 1999

One of the requirements of TangiTech is that participants create and maintain a professional portfolio. Portfolios offer a means to promote better teaching and to document teaching achievement. Portfolios often give a clearer picture of learners and the products they create, especially in a technology-rich environment, than do traditional means of assessment.

In this portfolio you will keep examples of technology projects from TangiTech and your technology-connected lesson plans you have created. Be sure to organize your portfolio in a logical and consistent manner. Keep in mind that you are building a comprehensive picture of yourself and your accomplishments through these materials. They should work together as a cohesive unit, each adding an essential element to the whole.

You should think of this portfolio as a work in progress and plan to continue to develop it throughout your teaching career. Keep in mind that your portfolio should speak for you as a teacher in your absence.

Listed below you will find other suggestions for your portfolio.

Possible Portfolio Components:

  • Introduction / Personal Information
  • Resume ? professional organizations, employment history
  • Philosophy
  • Awards and Grants
  • Certification Information
  • Academic Record
  • Classroom/Activities Pictures
  • Evidence / Artifacts
            - Standards-based activities
  • Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Training Activities / Presentations
  • Scrapbook
  • References
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Cover Page with Vital Statistics such as:
  • Name and contact information
  • Current position
  • Subject area specialties
  • Professional goals, both short range and long range
  • This could even be a letter from you, welcoming the viewer and sharing your beliefs as a teacher. You might include a photograph of yourself.
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Philosophy of Teaching Statement
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Resume of Professional Experience, to include the following:
  • Grades and schools at which you've taught
  • List and description of courses taught
  • Administrative positions held
  • Leadership positions held
  • Curriculum used
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List of Professional Development Activities
Include a list of activities that have developed our expertise. Be sure to include:
  • Workshops attended/given
  • Post-degree college courses taken
  • Conferences attended
  • Conference presentations
  • Grant-funded projects in which you have been involved
  • Memberships in professional teaching organizations
  • Any other efforts you have made to develop your teaching skills
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The prime material in your portfolio is the evidence that you present to support your resume. Package and present these materials in a neat and organzied manner. When helpful, provide a written narrative to describe the material, what it was used for and how it demonstrates your capabilities. This section might be divided into "Teacher Tools" and "Student Products." The evidence should include, but is not limited to:
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Sample student work and projects
  • Sample remediation plans
  • Course material developed - PowerPoint presentations etc.
  • Videotapes of classroom teaching (be sure to get appropriate permissions, if students are included)
  • Professional Growth Plan
  • Teaching certificate
  • Evaluations and observations
  • Awards and other recognitions
  • Newspaper, magazine articles about you or your class
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Most teachers use three ring binders for their portfolios with page protectors to hold their pages. Different sections of your portfolio should be defined and divided. Some sample Portfolio dividers at can be downloaded or create your own.
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