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Fact Flippers - done in PowerPoint are great tools for presentation and review of facts. Click the link to find the step-by-step directions for creating Fact Flippers.
- done in PowerPoint are great rewards for students that you can customize to the occasion, unit of study, or theme. Use the PowerPoint skills you've learned in TangiTech to fill the shapes, add Word Art, graphics, textboxes, and borders to make your Pencil Topper.
PowerPoint Mini-Books - Print your PowerPoint presentation as Handouts- six slides per page. Cut the slides out leaving a 1/2" to the left of each slide to provide a space to staple. For an added touch, on Slide One leave an inch to the left and wrap that around the outside of the mini-book before stapling to form a spine for your Mini-Book.
Candy "Rappers" - are an excellent way to publish student writing. Use this PowerPoint template to write your "rap" and then wrap a fake cardboard candybar or better yet..... the real thing, YUM!!!
Bag Tags - Label the contents of your ziplock bag collections with this PowerPoint Template.
Pre-made PowerPoint presentations - these PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded to your computer and edited to fit your needs. This list is a collection from educators all over.
Jeopardy Games created by teachers in Hardin County School District, Kentucky in PowerPoint format are available for downloading. Once again, these teachers are sharing their hard work with others... and we send our thanks their way.
" - During the Templates for Teachers workshop, we will complete this activity using PowerPoint templates and Kidspiration. Click here to download the If printer ink is a problem , download the and have the students color their house with markers or crayons. To see a , click to download.
PowerPoint Design Templates - listing of sites where you can download new Design Templates for your PowerPoint.
Free PowerPoint Design Templates - this site offers free design templates for teachers to download.
Sonya Coleman's Template Website offers 208 PowerPoint template kits that are free for your personal use.... some beautiful and different design templates to use in your PowerPoint presentations.
North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas has a wealth of lesson plans with accompanying PowerPoint templates that correlate with state and national standards. Each six weeks there are ideas for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies for grades Pre-K -Fifth Grade. Don't forget to check out the Archived page.
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Remember... the best way to download any of the files on these pages is to right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As." Now decide where on your computer you want to save the file, and then click "Save." AFTER you have saved it to your computer, then double click to open the file. You must have the program that the file is made in to be able to open it. For example, if it is the PowerPoint file, you must have PowerPoint on your computer.

thanks to Denise Grigas for this template - this PPT template is from Priory Woods School Talking Storybooks website.
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Literature Templates
There Was An Ol' Cajun written and illustrated by Deborah Ousley Kadair, Pelican Publishing Company, 2002, is a delightful pattern writing book with Cajun dialect and great for your Louisiana unit. Read the story to your students and have them create their own pages for the story. Denise Grigas created this PPT template for the kids to write their own version of Ol' Cajun.
Click here to find my Literature Pocket webpages where you will find loads of templates to use with children's literature. Bookmarks, author studies, creative writing templates, venn diagrams, and Kidspiration templates and some of the activities you will find on the Literature Pocket webpages. You can take any of these templates and customize for your needs.
Jan Brett's Town Mouse and Country Mouse is one of my Literature Pockets "under construction". Cathy Tricou created this PowerPoint template for you to download so that your students can complete the activity after reading the book.
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