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The scanners we will be using for TangiTech2 are Hewlett Packard Scanjet G4050. Different scanners have different scanning software, so these step-by-step directions may not work for your scanner at home or in your classroom unless it is this model. But once you learn the basics about scanning, you will be able to transfer that knowledge to different scanning programs.

  • Place your photograph face down on the bed of the scanner and close
    the lid.

  • Double click the "HP Solution Center" icon on the desktop.

  • Now click “Scan Picture"

  • A window will pop up. Leave the file type as JPEG Image. Change the Base File Name to Your Name.

  • Click the “Browse” button. Double Click the “U Drive”> “TT2 Summer 08”> “your folder”> “Scanned Images” then click “OK”.

  • Click “OK” again.

  • A window will pop up that says Preparing to scan.

  • "Select a final scan area." If you are happy with the area selected move to the next step. If not, take your cursor and click and drag along the image drawing a rectangle/square over the area of the picture you would like to keep. This gives you the opportunity to crop out unwanted parts of the picture. 

  • Click “Accept”.

  • A small window will pop up and ask if you want to scan another picture. Make your choice.

  • Your picture(s) should be in the folder you saved them in.

A scanner collage is made by placing items (photographs, realia, etc.) on a computer scanner, scanning the items, and printing the results. A good
scanner collage involves a theme or message. See samples at the bottom of the page.
Equipment and Supplies
  • computer
  • Scanner - Consider protecting your scanner's glass stage. Plexiglass or an additional pane of glass can be used to prevent scratches on your scanning surface. Clear transparency film or saran wrap are other alternatives.
  • Printer
  • Imaging Software - supplements the software that comes with the scanner (such us Paint Shop Pro)
  • Paper - recommend Kodak Inkjet Photo Paper (Glossy) 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
  • Fabric - different colors and textures

  1. Assign the Scanner Collage project to your class.
    Encourage students to select items that focus on a theme
    or a message.
  2. After each item is placed on
    the scanner, cover the
    scanner and items with a background cloth. Provide various fabric textures and colors for your students. (Remove the cloth
    after each scanning to
    prevent overheating.)
  3. Import the scanned image
    into the imaging software,
    and perform any desired
    changes to the image.
  4. Print the image on glossy
    paper. The image is now ready for framing!
Curriculum Connections
  • Assign topics in the subject area, such as science, math, or social studies. Scanner collages could illustrate geometric shapes, nations of the world, or elements of the periodic table. Use your imagination.
  • Assign an illustrated book report. Students can collect photos and items that would be found in their book.
  • Assign a scanner collage autobiography.
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