Extreme Science - Visit the Extreme Science website and discover some extreme facts about Mother Earth. Click here to download your activity sheet where you will record the answers to questions like...Where is the thickest ice in the world ? What is the driest place on this planet? Also include the types of earth scientists who study that area and decide which one you'd like to be. What would you study and where would you work?

Reef Relief Scramble - Browse the Reef Relief site to explore the issues surrounding coral reef threats and protection. Explore the world of more than 500,000 species of coral and write down four important words you encounter. They can be names of places, types of reefs, reef organisms, or other important words. Click here to download the Reef Relief worksheet where you will scramble the letters of each word, and write its definition. Don't forget to write down the Reef WebDive # where your learning partner can find the answer. Now trade papers with your Learning Partner and unscramble each others words.

African Safari - Take a virtual African Safari by clicking on the animals listed on this website. A safari is a journey through the African countryside in a small off-road vehicle. "Travel" to different regions of African and listen to details about the animals, watch movie clips of them, and hear them make the sounds they do in the African savanah. Click here to download the African Safari worksheet and describe in your own words, ten of the most interesting animals your encountered on your African Safari.

Old Lady or Young Lady?

Optical Illusions - You will take a grand tour of the World of Optical Illusions at this website. Test your skills at as many online mind-benders that you can. Don't forget to try the Mysterious Mind Reader in the Games Section. Click here to download the Optical Illusions worksheet to keep notes and to tabulate math problems. The Do-It-Yourself Projects Sections has illusions you can print and make yourself. After experiencing as many Optical Illusions as you can, you will create your own mindbender to test your classmates' skills.

Classifying Critters - Play this online Critters game to identify animals according to their category. Pay careful attention to how the website asks and answers questions. As you classify critters learn as many things as you can about amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish. Click here to download your Classifying Critters Activity Sheet and create your own game to test your learning partner's knowledge.

More Science Snacks
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