I. Science Snacks - Great Science Sites with specific activities for students and worksheets to download to accompany the Internet activity.

Science Snacks #1
Science Snacks #2
Webby from Kidspiration

II. Kidspiration Activities that are Science based.

  • Elephants
  • Experiment
  • Explore with Senses
  • Food Pyramid
  • Health and Safety
  • Nature Notebook
  • Seasons
  • Simple Cycle
  • This Week's Weather
  • Volcanoes Cause and Effect
  • What Lives Here?
  • Which Critter is Which?
III. Search Marco Polo for Science lesson plans and activities.
IV. Lagniappe
V. Science on the WWW - just a few good science sites!!!
Brain Pop
Bill Nye
Bill Nye Labs
Enchanted Learning
Surfing the Net with Kids
Beakman and Jax
Beakman and Jax
Science Court

Hands-On Activities

Science Club HotLinks
Science Club Hotlinks for Science Activities
Cool Science for Kids
Cool Science for Kids

Exploratorium Snacks

NASA Just for Kids
abc teach
PBS Kids
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