Click on the links below to find as much information about the state you are studying as possible. Each of these websites will have MUCH MORE than the question guides you to find. Once your research is complete, you will be ready to create your state project.
1. What is the capital of the state you are studying? Find the Capital City and the Location (which is the latitude and longitude of the capital)
2. Find the state flag and a map of the state. Save the flag and map to use later for your Project Poster or report. (right click > save picture as > give it a name > decide where you will save > save)
3. What is the state's nickname and the origin of the state's name?
4. Tell about the agriculture in the state you are studying. Learn about the major crops, climate, animals, general facts, and soil.
5. When you "Explore the States" find an unusual fact about the state you are studying.
6. What was the total population of the state in 1990 and 2000? Is that a gain or loss and how much?
7. Who is the governor of the state? He/she will be the governor until when?
8. What is a "fun fact" about your state?
9. Find the state bird and record two facts about that bird. (Hint: Click on the activity worksheet for the state bird to find the bird facts.)
10. Find five facts about the geography of the state. (Hint: Go to the left hand side of the webpage tp the fourth field and click the down pointing arrow next to Geography. Then click on the state you are studying.)
11. Find the music for the state song and the lyrics. Play it and sing along. What is the name of the state song?
12. When did it become a state and what number state was it?
13. Find the custom state image for the state you are studying and save it to use later in your Project Poster or your report. (right click > save picture as > give it a name > decide where you will save > save)
14. What Time Zone is the state in? What is the difference in hours from where you live?
15. What is the highest and lowest points in your state and what are the bordering states?
16. Use the "Quick Tips About States" to find some unusual facts about the state.
17. Discover if the state is on the "US States: Extremes and Records List." If so, what is the fact?
18. At TerraFly, enter the capital city's name and the state and click "Fly Now" to see an aerial photograph the state.
a Microsoft Word research answer sheet for the questions above. (or )
a blank 'Stately Knowledge Trading Card Template' for the students to use to publish their state research. (PPT)
four completed sample 'Stately Knowledge Trading Cards' (PPT)
another four completed sample 'Stately Knowledge Trading Cards' (PPT)

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