This idea is from 50 Quick and Easy Computer Activities for Kids by Tammy Worcester, published by Visions Technology.

After reading and studying Tall Tales, have the students write their own Tall Tale in Microsoft Word. Change the size of the font so that the document is at least one page long.
  • Format the document by clicking "File" > "Page Setup"
  • Under the "Margin" tab set all the margins to .5"
  • Select the text by clicking "Edit" > "Select All"
  • Click "Format" on the top menu bar and then "Columns" and choose three columns.
  • Now click "File" > "Save"
  • Print
  • Cut the columns of your Tall Tale apart and tape them together, trimming them so that they are all the same width
  • Draw a top and bottom to glue to your Tall Tale and you are ready to display.
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