Here's an AWESOME site for teaching and learning about the First Thanksgiving... "You are the Historian - Investigating the First Thanksgiving."

Ideas from All the Daze Newsletter

Popcorn Relay Race
This is a bit messy, but well worth it to see relatives young and old playing together! Set out bowls full of popcorn at one end of the room and empty bowls at another. Teams must transport the popcorn from full bowl to empty, using a measuring cup.
Note: popcorn is a choking hazard for children under three!

Arrange the children/players in a circle. Pass around a "thankerchief" (handkerchief) around as everyone recites this poem:
"Thankerchief, thankerchief, around you go -- Where you'll stop, nobody knows.
But when you do, someone must say,
What they are thankful for this day."

The player holding the "thankerchief" when the poem ends, must say aloud, one thing for which they are thankful. This continues until everyone has had a turn.

Turkey Trivia

Ben Franklin thought that the turkey should have been our national bird instead of the eagle.

There is fossil evidence that turkeys have been around the Americas for 10 million years!

Some people think the turkey got its name from the Indian word for the bird--"furkee". Other people think its name came from the sound that the bird makes--"turk, turk."

Turkeys were probably first domesticated by the Mexicans. Spanish explorers took them to Europe in 1519. The Pilgrims brought domesticated turkeys to America in 1620.

Turkeys are friendly and curious. They become friendly with the farmer, but gobble at strangers.

Turkeys are easily frightened and may hurt themselves when upset by flying into walls or by piling atop each other, causing one or more birds to smother.



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Techie Turkey

Use a perfect square of paper to make the turkey body. It's best to use either construction paper or cover stock to make the turkey sturdy enough to stand up and hold something. Follow the folding and cutting directions below.

Once you've made his body use colored construction paper to cut out clawed feet and glue them to the end of the legs. Click here to download some sample turkey heads (ppt) for printing.  To make his head and wattle, draw and color your own head / wattle with construction paper and crayons / markers -OR- design and draw his head wattle using KidPix or the Paint Program on your computer... print and cut out for a Techie Turkey head / wattle. Download the Thankful Turkey Feathers file in PowerPoint and have kids complete two feathers on the computer and print. Now cut some other feathers from construction paper for the turkey tail... and Happy Turkey Day!!

Indian box Pilgrim Boy box
Pilgrim girl box Turkey box

Don't forget to save these templates before you open them, so that you can edit and personalize or write your story in PowerPoint.

Nobody Diets on Thanksgiving I'm stuffed
Turkeylishus Gobble, gobble, gobble
Give Thanks Give Thanks For
Be Thankful Turkey Time
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Happy Thanksgiving

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