The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth
A Webquest about Dental Health for Elementary Students

Denise Grigas
Speech Pathologist
[email protected]

Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


It's time to learn about your
Speech helpers inside,
You know, the ones you see
When you smile really wide.
Take a look now,
You can see,
You're going to learn
All about your teeth!

The Task

To learn all about
Each and every tooth,
You will become
You'll make a  Sleuth Tooth Book,
With the things you'll learn
As you work in a group,
And then take turns.

As you go,
These things you will know:
...The job of different teeth.
...And when they will grow.
...How to care for your teeth...
...Like brushing...
...And flossing...
...And what to eat...
You'll learn why the dentist is your tooth's  best friend.
So tooth sleuth, you're ready to begin!

The Process

You'll need your teacher
To be your leader,
To read and guide you along.
When you see this sign

You'll know it's time-
To take turns,
To click and go...
And do the job that it shows.

You'll watch and learn,
Write and color,
And tell what you know 
To one another.

   ... Ready, Set, Let's Go!

When you were really very small,
You had no teeth,
None at all.
You didn't need teeth
To help you chew,
You drank milk,
You didn't eat food.

And then you grow,
And you're one year old,
Your teeth come in - 2 lower,4 upper,
Because now you need them 
To eat your supper.

Click  to go to:

Print out the chart. 
Color the Central Incisors: Red
Color the Lateral Incisors: Pink
Color the Canine (cuspids): Blue
Color the First and Second Molars: Green

Look in the mirror and find which teeth you have,
And which teeth you have lost.

*You now you have page 1 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

Finally you're big,
And you've started school.
How many teeth 
Now help you chew?

It wiggles,
It jiggles,
It slides all about,
That baby tooth is about to 
Finally come out!

A grown-up tooth
Is below your gums,
It pushes and pushes
Your baby tooth some.

Out comes the old tooth,
In comes the new,
Finally you'll have thirty-two.
(And these will be forever with you).

Click to go to:

Scroll down to: What are the  parts of a tooth?
With your crayons draw the picture of the tooth that you see on your paper.
Label these parts: Enamel, Dentin, Pulp or Nerve, Bone

Below your picture write these sentences and fill in the blank:
1. ____________ is the hardest substance in your body.
2._____________ is the center of the tooth.

*You now have page 2 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

The four kinds of teeth
In front and behind.
Cut and tear,
And crush and grind.

Click to go to:

Click on  the letter I to find the teeth that are used for biting. Copy the definintion on your paper. 
Click on the letter M to find the teeth that are used for grinding.
Copy the definition on your paper. 
Click on the letter C to find the teeth that are pointed - these are used for tearing.
Copy the definition.

*You now have page 3 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

There are some things
Needed to be done.
To take care of your teeth ,
Each and every one.
Let's take a peek at what you should eat.

Vegetables and fruit
Are better to pack,
Than bringing sweets
To eat for your snack.

But foods with calcium
Are always better,
To help teeth last forever.

Foods like butter and yogurt,
Broccoli and cheese.
Drink your milk
And eat sardines.


Click to go to:

Play Tell the Tooth healthy food game.
On your paper write GOOD SNACKS.
Draw 4 foods that are good for your teeth that you saw in the game.
Next, on your paper write BAD SNACKS.
Draw 4 foods that are not good for your teeth that you saw in the game.

*You now have page 4 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

Click to go to:
Watch the movie. Can you name 3 nutritious foods?

Brush your teeth
Twice a day,
To make all the food
And plaque go away.
Get out the tube

And squeeze on the paste.
Flouride is in there,
It has a great taste.
Brush up and down,
Go back and forth.
Inside and out,
(And brush your tongue of course).
But please don't rush,
When you brush.
It should last as long
As your favorite song

Click to go to:

When you get there, click on Smiles Central on the left in the blue area.
Then click on Brushing Demo. Next click on the bubble that says Brushing Demo.
Click on Steps 1-4 to find out the steps for good brushing.

Click to go to :
Print out the brushing chart to use at home.

*You now have page 5 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

Don't forget
An important thing.
This stuff called floss,
It's like a string.

Its special job
Is to really clean.
Clean around gums,
And even in between.


Click to go to:

Watch the movie about brushing and flossing.
 Tell your teacher 1 thing you learned.

Click to go to:
Click on the circle that says REACH.
Click on the picture with Mom and Mr. Reach on the left.
Click on Teaching Techniques
Click on Flossing with Mr. Reach on the right.
Watch the 3 steps for flossing.
Click on PRINT at the bottom to print your page.

Click to go to:
Click on Check Our Coloring Page to print out your page about flossing to color.

*You now have pages  6  and 7 of your Tooth Sleuth Book.

The next thing important 
For you to hear,
Is to visit the dentist 
Twice a year.

He's got bright lights 
And a really cool chair.
That goes back and forth,
Up and down in the air.

He'll look and work
Inside for a while,
To help you keep your beautiful smile!

Click to go to:

Together with your teacher read about  5 tools the dentist uses.

Click to go to:
to visit Sparkle City.
Together with your class, go to Doc Croc's Virtual Visit to discover more tools .
Also check out The Sparkles jamming with great songs, Robo Hippo's Painter, and Geena's adventures for more dental fun.




Did you... YES   NO
Color your tooth chart, and identify the incisors, molars and cuspids?  .. ..
Draw and label the parts of a tooth - Enamel, Dentin, Pulp and Nerve?  .. ..
Find and write the definitions 
of the kinds of teeth and their 
special jobs?
.., ..
Discover and draw good and 
bad snacks?
.. ..
Print out and intend to use 
your brushing chart?
.. ..
Describe and show
how to brush and floss?
.. ..
Name some tools
that the dentist uses?
.. ..
Finish  all 7 pages of your
Tooth Sleuth Book?
./ ..


So now you know
How the story goes.
To keep your teeth healthy
'Till you grow old.

For an interactive visit to a dental office with lots of learning fun,visit:
to download.
For Brushing Up with the Magic School Bus gang, visit:

To have fun with an Egg-speriment visit:
Check out the Smiles Central -Kid's Care section for instructions.

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