Do the Dewey!


Click on the links below to locate the answers to the questions. Write you answers on your answer sheet.
1. In what year was the Dewey Decimal classification system published?
2. What was Dewey’s name?
3. What was his date of birth?
4. What date did he die?
5. How old was he at his time of death?
6. The Dewey Decimal System uses how many main categories to classify books?

7. Look at the chart at the bottom of this page. Determine the which category you would look in to find the books on the following topics:

 Playing the Piano 
 A book with short stories
The planet Mars
The Revolutionary War
Learning to read Spanish

8. What is the definition of Fiction book?

9. What is the definition of a Nonfiction book?


10.What is a call number?

11. Where is it located on a book?


12. What is the rule for how books are shelved?


13. Read the section how does the Dewey Decimal Classification System Work?. Click on the link Test Your Skills, and answer the questions.

14. What is the Call Number for Myths and Legends. To find out follow the following directions: click on the Main Category, scroll down and locate the Folk and Fairy Tale division in the 300’s, click on that division and locate the Call Number for Myths and Legends..

15. Now that you have reviewed the Dewey Decimal System, do the matching activity for the 10 main categories.

16. Do the Concentration Game.

17. As your final activity do the Matching Activity.