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Day 6Clock timer
Computer Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the day. Every day we will have morning activities/bell ringers like we did in the first session. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in the list below.

Journal | Question of the Day | E-mail assignment | Blackboard

floppy disk Folder on the Server. A folder has been created on the server for you to to save your work in. I have shared this folder so that you will have access to your work from any computer in the lab. As we move around the lab and work in groups and present from my computer station you will see the value in this.
CD Journal response - On your TangiTech2 CD in the Word Template folder, you have two new journal templates. You may use either one for your journal response each morning. The Journal Question for today is "Share some of your technology integration experiences since you last attended TangiTech. Tell us about things that really worked and those that need some revisions." Save in your folder as "Day 6 journal" and print two copies, file one in the project box on the back table.
Blackboard Basics - login to Tangischools Blackboard at http://bb.tangischools.org and go to the Discussion Board. Click on the link "Day 6 Morning Discussion Board." Tell the class your all time favorite Internet site and why. Your username is your first initial last name, and the password will be given to you in class.
ComputerDownloading files from the Internet - Origami patterns and PowerPoint graphic for every season of the year. Right-click on the link > Save Target As ... save the file to your computer and then Open to work with.
computer Sign up for an E-mail listserv or newsletter. Read all about Listservs at Education World. Chose between one of these if you haven't already joined. Click here to find a list of ten great newsletters.
Three other great ones you might be interested in are...
Everyday Teaching Newsletter
Surf the Net with Kids by Barbara Feldman is a great weekly listserv.
Mrs. Alphabet listserv is for teachers of younger children.
Question of the Day - Click on the link and go to the to find the answer to this question "What are the steps to put a Drop Cap as the first letter of a Word Document." Now in MS Word type a short story (one paragraph) centering on the theme you've chosen for TT2. Make sure the first letter of the paragraph has a Drop Cap with some kind of fancy font and your name is at the end of the paragraph. Highlight and select your paragraph and copy and paste it again at the bottom of your document so that you have two identical paragraphs with Drop Caps on one page. Save to your folder, print one copy ...you keep the top one and cut the bottom one off to tape to the door in the back of the room.
Sony Mavica Digital CameraAfter the digital camera class, use one of the class digital cameras and take a digital picture of your Learning Partners. You will need a picture of yourself toattach to an email that you are sending me this morning. Click here to find Hints for Using a Digital Camera. Make sure you have the camera settings correct before taking pictures. Make a digital picture folder WITHIN your folder on the server U: drive and transfer your digital picture to that folder. During the day today and tomorrow, we will be taking several digital pictures of TangiTech2 participants and activities and creating a collection to use on Day 7. Denise Grigas will present her "Digital Cameras in the Classroom" workshop this morning to help you learn all about this fabulous resource.
computer Email assignment - Send an email and attach your digital picture that you and your learning partner took this morning. Click here for Email attachment step by step directions.
clock Round the Clock Learning Buddies - cooperative grouping technique
for Learning partner work during TangiTech2.

Clips in a Bucket - To make sure that all students are included when material is reviewed,  write their names on clothespins and clip them all around a bucket. Ask a question, choose a clip, and then throw it in the bucket. This is a great way to keep track of who's been chosen each day.

scannerScan photographs for PowerPoint presentation. Click here to find
step-by-step directions for using the Hewlett-Packard scanners in the lab.
computerAll About Me PowerPoint - Use the "All About Me" PPT template
on your TangiTech2 CD and customize it about yourself. To find out about creating non-linear PowerPoint presentations visit the PowerPoint2
webpage. Save "All About Me" as a PPT file AND as a webpage. To save
as a webpage click "File" > "Save As Webpage". You can use this as a
link on your class webpage if you like.

Share "All About Me" PowerPoint with the entire group from your network folders at presentation station.

computer Fact Flippers and MiniBooks in PPT to go with your theme and the Comprehensive Curriculum.
Favorites in Internet Explorer- Create a folder with your name in Internet Explorer to save your Favorites in as we go through TangiTech2. To do this click "Favorites" > "Organize" > "Create Folder"... now type your name and click out of trouble to make it stick... now click "Close."
CD Lagniappe - Check out the Looping PowerPoint Presentations on your TangiTech 2 CD that Denise Grigas created for you.... what a great gift of time and effort... Many, many thanks to Denise.

CD Lagniappe - Read Write Think Shape Poems

computer Downloading files from the Internet
Remember... the best way to download files is to right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As." Now decide where on your computer you want to save the file, and then click "Save." AFTER you have saved it to your computer then double click to open the file. You must have the program that the file is made in to be able to open it. For example, if it is the Kidspiration Story Map you must have Kidspiration on your computer. Click here to download Incentive Chart Bookmarks made in PowerPoint. Now customize those for your theme or classroom.
Boy with Pencil Homework - Read these articles and be ready to discuss tomorrow.
  1. Read the article - "Stages to Technology Integration" by Jackie
    Roliardi and Beth Buchler . Click on the link to read online or find
    the paper copy in your Day 6 packet.
  2. Read the article - "Digitizing the Primary Classroom" by VaReane Heese Paper copy can be found in your Day 6 packet.
  3. Read the article "Argh! Why does my computer DO that?" by Marilyn Westin  . Paper copy can be found in your Day 6 packet.
  4. Collect sites and prepare questions for creation of Internet Scavenger Hunt in Front Page tomorrow.
  5. Read "TangiTech2 Portfolio Guidelines"  and start working on your portfolio which will be due on Day 10.
  6. Scavenger Hunt websites and questions.
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