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gray computer Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each
morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the
day. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in
the list below.

Journal| Question of the Day | E-mail assignment | Blackboard

rainbow CD Journal response - The Journal Question for today is "After reviewing the K-12 Educational Technology Standards online (or in your Day 8 packet) tell me one of the Performance Indicators for your grade level that you would like to concentrate on with your students. Please address how you could 'seamlessly' integrate these technology standards with your curriculum." Save in your folder as "Day 8 journal" and print two copies, file one in the project box on the center table.
Blackboard Basics - login to Tangischools Blackboard at http://bb.tangischools.org and go to the Discussion Board. Click on the link "Day 8 Morning Discussion Board." Check out the website Tapping the Online Toolbox and share with the class which one of these tools might be useful to you and why.
blue computerPrintable for today - www.pencilflag.com  and take a look at "Let's Book It with Tech'Knowledge'y" workshop that I presented at LACUE 2004.
Question of the Day - "How do you install a font that you don't have, to your computer?" Click here to find step-by step directions. Use the CDs on your table, and follow the directions to install the two new fonts listed on the poster on the back of the door to your computer in the lab. Once the fonts have been installed, type your name in each font, size 60, and tape to the door.
Top 10 most common fonts on Windows computers are:
Arial Black
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Lucida Console
Trebuchet MS
Arial Narrow
gray computer Email assignment - Check your email and you will find messages from me. Think of teachers at your school and create a Distribution List in Tangischools email. For step-by-step directions click here.
Today we will use the AutoText and AutoCorrect features of Microsoft Word to enter your name, your school, and Tangipahoa Parish School System as AutoText entries. Click above for step-by-step directions. Open a MS Word document and follow the steps.

Microsoft PhotoStory 3 - Use digital pictures and music to create a very professional presentation. Download this free software from Microsoft. It is already on your TPSS computers. Download details for home use.
blue computerLearning Teams today will be determined by which Motivational Poster you receive. These are available to be printed from the website or ordered. Print one to take home for a sample. These might make good awards or surprises for your students.
scannerScanner Collages - You and your learning team will work to create your scanner collage and save to your shared folder on the network. I will print them for you this afternoon after class on photo paper and it will be waiting for you in the morning.
PowerPoint Skills
  1. We will preview and create different ways to use PowerPoint in the classroom. Download and install design templates.
  2. Click to download the Fan Book Template in PPT . Create and print two fan blades for the class fanbook.
  3. Read all about Bag Tags and do a sample to go with your theme.


Login to the ftp webserver by following these directions

Colette Taillon will share her Making Connections Lesson Plan on "Ol' Cajun" and the presentation she made at LACUE 2004. This is a superb example of a Technology Connected Lesson Plan that grew into a thematic unit. Your TT#2 CD has all of her ideas, templates, patterns etc. Thanks so much to Colette for sharing with all of us.
CD Lagniappe - Read Write Think Acrostic Poems
boy with pencil Homework
  1. Read the information in the article "Using Technology in the Elementary Classroom." Be ready to report back to the class on your site next time.
  2. Read "Tips on Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum" by Tammy Payton of Loogootee Elementary.
  3. Work on your Portfolio.
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