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Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each
morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the
day. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in
the list below.

Journal | Question of the Day | E-mail assignment | Blackboard

Journal response - The Journal Question for today is, "What role, if any, do you see Virtual Field Trips and Video Conferencing playing into your technology integration this year?" Before responding to the question, I want you to visit The Field Trips Site  , CILC and Connect2Texas and see if any of these things fit into your curriculum. (You also have a hard copy in your Day 9 packet) Then, in your journal response tell me HOW and WHAT you might use with your students this year. Save this in your folder as "Day 9 journal" and print two copies, file one in the project box on the back table.

Other Virtual Field Trips can be found by clicking the bus...

 Blackboard Basics - login to Tangischools Blackboard at and go to the Discussion Board. Click on the link "Day 9 Morning Discussion Board." and tell the group what you found interesting in the article "101 Computer Uses."
Question of the Day -"When you insert Word Art into a Word or PowerPoint, how can you format it?" Use the Word Art toolbar that pops up and click on each icon to discover different options for Formatting Word Art. Use Word Art to type the name of your school three different ways, experimenting with different options on the Word Art toolbar. Cut these out and tape to the door in the back of the room.
E-mail assignment - Check your email and you will find messages from me.  Add your birthday to the Outlook Exchange Calendar in your Tangischools e-mail account. Go to Laura Candler's File Cabinet find two things you can use with your students, then send an email to your Distribution List and share with them.
PowerPoint Templates - Click to download the Pop-up Book pattern... make one page for the class book. Click on these links to download the PowerPoint files of the Dental Health Tooth Photo and the pattern for Tooth Necklace to go along with lesson plans from PC Teach It. The MiniBook template can be used for any project. Peek-Over Books are great for reports and creative writing.

Timeliner XE by Tom Snyder Productions will be explored and used to create a time line for the book Cajun Gingerbread Boy by Berthe Amoss.

Timeliner Tutorial  (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off so you can see this.
Timelines: Timeless Teaching Tools Timeline XE Activity Exchange
Timeline Maker  
Digital Camera Spool Stand-up Students -
MS Word Tables - We will create different kinds of tables to discover the many features of using tables in Microsoft Word.
CD Lagniappe - Xpeditions - Atlas - World and US Maps
Homework - Things we have due on Day 10.
  1. Portfolio
  2. Finished PPT and saved as a webpage
  3. Internet Scavenger Hunt
  4. Read article "The E-Mail ABCs" from Education World.

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