Picture This Title
stars buttonGet document READY - By default, Microsoft Word considers pictures as just another character, so you have to decide...
  • whether pictures are inserted as inline, so that they move with the text ...BOOOOOOOO!!!
  • -OR-
  • whether pictures are inserted as floating, so that text wraps above, below or around them when you insert or paste. .... WOOHOOO!!!!
star buttonTo make your life easier dealing with graphics in a word document, follow these steps.
  • Click "Tools" on the top Menu bar, then "Options"... then click the "Edit" tab at the top of the "Options" dialog box.
  • In the "Insert/Paste pictures as" field click the down pointing arrow and choose "Tight" and then click "OK."
  • Turn off the Drawing Canvas by clicking "Tools" on the top Menu bar, then "Options" then click the "General" tab. Click to take the checkmark out of "Automatically create a drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes."
Tools / Options Dialog box
  • In the middle of the dialog box in the field "Insert/paste pictures as:" you should choose ANYTHING BUT "Inline with Text." I keep mine on "Tight."
star buttonAdding Graphics - To add clipart or pictures to a Word document, click "Insert" on the top Menu bar, then "Pictures" and choose from "Clip Art" or from a "File."

Insert Picture Menu

A shortcut is to click the Clipart icon clipart icon or the Picture from File Icon insert picture icon on the Draw toolbar.

star buttonClipArt - When you click the Clipart icon clipart icon, the Clipart Task Pane pops up on the right. Enter the word for the picture you are searching for click "Search" and 'Voila!!'... there it is. Click the picture to insert into your document.
Insert Clip Art Taskpane
star buttonPictures - When you click insert picture from file icon Insert Picture from File icon, you will have to choose where to look for the picture. You can insert any picture you have saved to the hard drive of your computer, or from a floppy, a CD, a minidrive, etc.
star buttonCopy and Paste Pictures - You can copy and paste pictures from anywhere into a Word document. If you find a picture on the Internet that you want to copy follow these directions:
  • Right-click on the picture
  • Click on "Save Picture As" if you want to save it... -OR-
  • Click on "Copy" and then move to your Word document and "Paste" it.
star buttonPicture Toolbar - Use the Picture toolbar to help you "tweak" your pictures. You can lighten, darken, crop, flip, rotate, and put a border around them.

Picture toolbar

stars buttonThere are soooooo many cool things to do with graphics,we can't go into them now... those are for another day and another workshop.

star buttonDrawing Toolbar - Use the Drawing Toolbar to add interesting effects to your Word Document.

Drawing Toolbar

star buttonAutoshapes - Use the autoshape icon on the Draw toolbar to choose the type of autoshape you would like to insert into your document.

Autoshape gallery

star buttonWordArt - Use the WordArt icon on your Draw Toolbar to insert cool looking titles or headings into your document.

WordArt Gallery

  • Choose your style, type your word(s), click "OK" and then move your WordArt by clicking in the middle of the colored words and dragging them into place in the document.
  • You can edit WordArt by clicking on it and using some of the options on the WordArt toolbar.
This page was last updated on Sunday, June 06, 2004.