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The Classroom - these pages reflect technology staff development workshops created for our teachers.

It's More than a Search Engine
This workshop will guide participants through all that Google has to offer.



Handheld Computers - Pocket PCs
TPSS is piloting the use of Pocket PCs in a few classrooms. As we begin this pilot project, here are a few helpful hints for the use of Pocket PCs.

GPS and Geocaching in TPSS  - part of TangiTech Social Studies and classroom activities.

What a Wonderful Word!! - Microsoft Word That is.... this five hour workshop covers MS Word from beginning to end.

Scanning Books for PowerPoint Presentations

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - This workshop is designed to help teachers learn how to use graphics and graphic tools in Office XP. Digital pictures, images from the web, and clipart will be used to create instructional materials.

Templates for Teachers

Templates for Teachers - During this workshop teachers will learn how to personalize Microsoft Office Templates as well as how to download and customize templates from the Internet.

KeeBook Creator
KeeBook Creator Education is a three hour workshop in which teachers will learn to create virtual books.
Let's Book It with Tech"Knowledge"y
Making Books with Children... This workshop will provide templates for teachers using Microsoft PowerPoint and Word for making books of all kinds. Participants will leave with samples of books that their students can use for creative writing and technology projects.
Tech-it and Take-it #1 Making Books with Children...boy reading book

Tech-it and Take-it #2 Literature Pockets for Children workshop
Tech-it & Take-it #2
Literature Pockets for Children... This workshop will provide lessons using quality children's literature and activities that integrate technology. Participants will create a portfolio, or "Literature Pocket" for several books, using technology templates.

Timeliner 5.0 workshop
a two hour workshop learning how to integrate this Tom Snyder Productions piece of software.

Kid Pix in the Classroom - a three hour workshop to help guide teachers through using one of the most popular multimedia and creativity tools available today.
Kid PIx Deluxe 3

Kidpsiration logo - for Kidspiration in the Classroom workshop
Kidspiration in the Classroom -a two hour workshop for classroom teachers to learn how to use Kidspiration in K-4 classroom curriculum integration.

Inspiration in the Classroom
a two hour workshop for classroom teachers to learn how to use Inspiration 6 in curriculum integration.
Inspiration logo for workshop

Outlook 2000 workshop
Outlook - Managing Email and Much, Much More - this three hour workshop will help teachers learn how to set up Microsoft Outlook to handle their email accounts. Using the calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and making it all work together are other major goals in this workshop.

 Web Page Design
a series of three hour workshops to teach web page development with Front Page.
WebPage Design class

PowerPoint 1 is a two hour hands on staff development session designed for beginning PowerPoint users. Use this tutorial to walk you step-by-step through the process of creating two different kinds of PowerPoint files. The first of these is a basic continuous looping kiosk style presentation that could be used to display facts, vocabulary words, spelling words, etc. The second is an autobiographical PowerPoint incorporating skills such as importing digital pictures and clip art and applying custom animation and slide transitions.


- is a detailed list of online PowerPoint Tutorials or step-by-step directions for specific PowerPoint challenges.


PowerPoint 2 is a two hour hands on staff development session designed to guide participants in taking the next step in using the powerful program PowerPoint. Custom animations, inserting movies and sounds, non-linear interactivity, and links to the Internet and other files or programs are just some of the skills "crammed" into this workshop.

This is a three hour workshop on Internet searching techniques. You will find a listing of tutorials and help pages to making queries and refining searches easier.

Here you will find a listing of search engines and directories. There is also a category for Kids' Search Engines and Educational Searching.
Search Engines and Directories listing
Engines / DirectoriesSearch lights

Internet 101 - Getting Started on the Internet
Internet 101 is a two hour hands-on staff development session designed for beginning Internet users. Use this webpage as an outline for the activities.

The Internet Island was created by the Miami Museum of Science and is a comprehensive tutorial for using the Internet. Take some time and explore it.

Rubrics - find a listing of Internet sites that might help you to develop your own rubrics in the classroom or use some premade rubrics for assessment.
Rubrics listing

Nice All Around is a round robin activity for students to complete in the computer lab. It's a great idea for an end-of-the year activity to create wonderful memories for each child.

Headbone ZoneWeb Quests - The Headbone Zone has Internet research contests that are packed with puzzles your class will solve by finding information online! Your students learn Internet research skills while investigating topics such as technology, history, and more. Find a more complete list of WebQuests by clicking here.

Scavenger Hunts Click here and you will find a list of Scavenger Hunts you can use with your students.

Online tutorials- Click here and you will find a list of tutorials that will help you become technology experts.

Accelerated Reader- Click here and you will find pictures and ideas from schools in Tangipahoa Parish implementing the Accelerated Reader program

Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center-is a two hour hands-on staff development session using a creative writing software program from The Learning Company. Participants will learn the curriculum connections that can be integrated with this program that is recommended for Grades 2-5.
Penny logo for Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center

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