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Follow these directions to set up Outlook to be your default mail program using your email account or your email account.
  • Any computers in Tangipahoa Parish School System that have Microsoft Office also have Outlook.
    You might see this icon on the desktop that you can click, but if not go to
    Start/ Programs/ Outlook.
  • You will need to setup Outlook, if this is the first time it has ever been used. Follow the screens below:

Click "Next" each time you see it when you have completed that screen.

If you have email in another email program that you would like to import into Outlook click on that program and then click "Next."

If you are setting up your tangischools email account you should use ''
If you are setting up another account, for instance your i-55 account, you would type in '' instead.

Your account name is the part of your email address that is before the @ sign, or your "user id"... for example, this email account is tang[email protected]... so the Account Name is 'tangitech18'

If you are setting up Outlook on your TPSS school computer you should chose the second option above "Connect using my local area network (LAN)... if you are setting up at home you should chose the first one "Connect using my phone line."

In our three hour Outlook workshop we use a PowerPoint presentation to give important information in getting started with the program. Click here for the "Outlook 2000: Managing Email and Much, Much, More" PowerPoint.
To configure different email accounts check out this Online Tutorial.
Top 10 Outlook 2000 Support Issues

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