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"A portfolio is a "living history of a teaching-learning life."
from Professional Portfolios by Teachers by Wilcox and Tomeii 1999

Use the links below to learn more about Teacher's Professional Portfolios and Student Portfolios both Electronic and Traditional.
check button Creating a Student Porfolio Slideshow check button Creating Online Portfolios
check button Design Process for Electronic Portfolios check button Develop an Electronic Learning Portfolio
check button Digital Portfolio Web Resources check button Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolios
check button E-Portfolio Fever Techtorial at Education World check button Electronic Portfolios
check button Electronic Portfolios check button Electronic Portfolio Boom: What's It All About?
check button Electronic Professional Portfolios for Teachers check button Electronic Portfolios by Tammy Worcester
check button Electronic Portfolios for Educators check button Electronic Portfolio FAQs
check button Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 classroom check button Electronic Portfolios by Dr. Helen Barrett
check button Electronic Portfolio Rubric check button Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers, and Lifelong Learners
check button Electronic Portfolio Templates to download check button How to Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio
check button The Multimedia Report: Electronic Portfolios Tell a Personal Story check button The Power of Portfolios - Scholastic
check button Sample check button Star Schools Electronic Portfolios
check button Using Hyperlinks to Create Student Portfolios check button
check button The Working Portfolio – Archive Creation and Digital Conversion check button
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The links below will give examples of Digital Portfolios that can be found on the Internet. You will find Professional Educator, PreService Teacher, and Student Electronic Portfolios.
apple bulletAmanda Peters Professional Teaching Porfolio apple bullet Electronic Portfolios - samples
apple bullet Ben Rimes' Professional Electronic Portfolio apple bullet PJ Lantzy's Portfolio
apple bullet 4th and 5th Grade Electronic Portfolios apple bullet Tara Lynne Orlowski's Early Childhood Education Electronic Portfolio
apple bullet Electronic Teaching Portfolio for Ima Sample apple bullet Valerie VanHuis's Electronic Portfolio
apple bullet Sample Student Portfolios apple bullet Meg's Electronic Portfolio
apple bullet Mabel Kinzie's portfolio apple bullet Student Digital Portfolios
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