Online Projects

Below you will find a listing of Internet projects that you and your students may be interested in. Participating in an online project is one of the easiest and most successful ways to break down the four walls of your classroom and allow students to reach out and touch the world.
Bucket Buddies
Students around the United States and other countries will collect samples from local ponds to answer the question: Are the organisms found in pond water the same all over the world? Participants will:
Identify organisms in a water sample.
Compare their findings with other participating classes.
Determine which, if any, of the organisms are the same in other, more distant water sources.
Look for relationships and trends in the data collected by all project participants.
Bucket Buddies is recommended for elementary school students (grades 1-5) .
CIESE Online Classroom Projects
CIESE sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet. We focus on projects that utilize realtime data available from the Internet, and collaborative projects that utilize the Internet's potential to reach peers and experts around the world.
Cinderella Around the World
There are many different versions of Cinderella. Classes participating in this Internet Project read a particular Cinderella story and engage in a variety of extended learning activites related to the story and Cinderella theme.

Classroom Pet Exchange
The Class Pet Exchange program will enable students in grades K-3 to connect with another class and share their experiences via email, the web, and journaling. Classes will exchange class pets (a stuffed animal) and its journal by snail mail. When the class pet arrives at your school students in turn take it home with them. Upon their return to school, students will write, or dictate to you, a story about their adventures with the class pet. These adventures will be kept in the pet's journal. Creativity is encouraged! The pet will reside with your class until all have had an opportunity to take it home. Students will also communicate weekly with their partner class via e-mail. Travel Tales of the pet's adventures may be shared at the Classroom Pet Exchange web site by sending these in an email. A list of objectives, schedule of the exchange, and suggested activities are available through this web site. You may also copy a parent letter directly from the web site to inform your parents about the project. After its visit, the pet will be returned by snail mail to the original school along with its journal and you will be asked to evaluate the project through an email form.
Dare to Fly with Class
This unique and compelling collaborative project is designed to give students in grades 3-5 an opportunity to:
  • display their aerodynamic and creative talents.
  • use patterns to create two different styles of paper airplanes.
  • determine which type of paper airplane will fly the greatest distance and stay aloft the longest time.

Give your students a chance to soar. Sit back, buckle up, and get ready for take off.

Earth Day Groceries Project
The Earth Day Groceries Project is a cost-free environmental awareness project in which students decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages for Earth Day. One of the oldest and largest educational projects on the Internet, the Earth Day Groceries Project is managed online by Mark Ahlness, a third grade teacher at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington.

Education World Online Collaborative Projects
This list provided by Education World will give teachers a great starting place for locating an online project that fits into their curriculum.

eIditarod Project
As classes prepare to follow the Iditarod Sled Dog Race this year, consider joining the eIditarod project! We are an elementary school with a Science-based curriculum just outside Washington, D.C., and we would love to have you join us!

Participating classes will

study the trail and musher biographies
create a wall-sized map of the trail
select a musher to follow in this year's race
track the selected musher's progress as the race occurs
email the project as the selected musher reaches each stop on the trail
receive a response from us here at the project each time you write
complete the problem solving tasks we send you via email
arrive in Nome vicariously with your selected musher
submit your final written task ( a letter to your musher) to the project for publication on our website.

Election Co-nection
It's an election year!!! Do YOU wish you were old enough to vote in the Presidential Election? Have YOU ever thought about running for President of the United States? Here is your chance to vote for a real presidential candidate in the "Kids Co-nect to Elect" activity and to run for President in the "Be a Candidate WebQuest!

The Elephants of Cameroon
Join the North Carolina Zoo and a team of researchers on an interactive project to track and study elephanst in northern Cameroon.

Email Newsletter Project
Looking for an exciting way to use the Internet in your elementary or middle school classroom? Join the Email Newsletter Project - a monthly email newsletter exchange among groups consisting of approximately 10 elementary/middle school classes of similar grades/ages .
EnergyNet is a classroom project that integrates technology, standards-based learning and workplace skills. Students in grades 3-5 participate in Energy Detectives. Students in grades 6-12 participate in Energy Auditing. They learn substantial content in Math, Science, Technology and Language Arts in a hands-on environment.
ePals Classroom Exchange
Connect with classrooms from 90 countries speaking 87 languages. 9972 classrooms, representing 750,000 students are now registered with ePals.
Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary
Whether you're a technology nerd or a trembling "newbie," your students can participate in the Fairy Tale and Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary project -- an activity even kindergarten students will enjoy. Included: Suggestions for adapting the project for older students.

Flat Stanley Project
In the book by Jeff Brown, Stanley is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. One of the many advantages is that he can now visit his friends by traveling in an envelope. This premise provides a reason for us to keep in touch with each other. The FS Project is a group of teachers who want to
provide students with another reason to write. Students' written work goes to other places by conventional mail and e-mail. Check out the List of Participants to see where you can send a Stanley or who might be sending one to you.

From Me To You
Each participating classroom will be partnered with 22 other classrooms PLUS 3 other locations (such as a children's hospital, veteran's hospital, etc) and will exchange cards during the week of February 12 - 16, 2007.

GeoGame Project
The object of this game is to try to learn where the TEACHER PAL classrooms are located, and learn a little United States geography at the same time.
Gigglepotz Online Projects for the Classroom
Find a list of online projects that your class might want to participate in.
Global Schoolhouse Projects and Programs
This is a part of the Global Schoolhouse website. Teachers can see what other teachers are doing around the globe and join in the fun. This site is rich with ideas and projects. If you are interested in linking your class to other classes you'll need to stop here. Some examples are: Global Zoo, Where in the Globe is Roger? and Student Ambassadors.

Global Story Train
Start a story and make it the first chapter in a virtual story train. Continue and enhance a story train by building the second car. Finish a story and make the train run around the world.

The Great Chocolate Experience V
This is a great online project and YUMMY too!!
Happily Ever After
Did you know that the story of Cinderella can be found across the world? Stories about a character very similar to Cinderella are told throughout many different countries. The story may be very similar to the tale that you are familiar with or in some instances quite different. Discover the international story of Cinderella for yourself. Read a number of these adventures and then vote for your Top 5 favorites.
The Incredible Journey - A Travel Buddy Project
Each class will have the traveling box for 3 weeks. Students will learn and share about their classroom, their school, their city, their state, and more! We will be using email, wikis, an online photo gallery,  and a handwritten journal to share this information with other participants!
Journey North
Journey North allows classes around the world to participate in migratory tracking projects. Students observe the area around them and are able to report their findings on the site. Interaction between various classes is encouraged. Everything from Monarch Butterflies to Humpback whales is tracked here.
Kidspired Tales
Participants will select a book and read it as a Read Aloud or Shared Reading. After the book is read, the class will create a different version, new ending, or sequel to the story. This will be done as a Modeled/Shared Writing or Interactive Writing. These writing models can be done on paper or with a word processor and projected on a screen. The teacher will then create a follow-up activity in any content area using Kidspiration. The written piece and Kidspiration file will be e-mailed to project directors.
Loogootee Elementary West Online Projects
Here you will find Internet projects and activities developed by the school's students and staff. There are all excellent examples of integrating the Internet into the curriculum.
Midlink Showcase

Find a list of online projects that have been nominated as exemplary projects.
Mighty M&M Math
Mighty m&m Math teaches fractions and percentages in a motivating and mouth-watering way. Using bags of m&m's, it answers these questions:
1. What is the percentage of each color?
2. Are the percentages similar worldwide?
Monster Exchange
Whoever thought monsters would be a good way to reinforce language arts skills? This site enables students to use Internet technologies and visual arts in a collaborative interdisciplinary project to improve reading, writing, and communication skills.
Mrs. McGowan's First Grade Online Projects
Check out all of the online projects that this first grade class in New Jersey participated in. You'll get some ideas for your classroom.
My Town is Important
Using the format from Margaret Wise Brown's, The Important Book, participant classes will share one class poem that describes special features of their town. One digital or scanned photo, taken by student or teacher, or a student's drawing may be included. Students will learn about other towns and communicate with other classes using Internet. Students will write a description of significant features about their towns using the unique format from Margaret Wise Brown's, The Important Book. Students will view participating class entries on the project web page.
One Sky Many Voices
From the University of Michigan, try three programs that study weather. The Shared Air project asks, How does the air you breathe change as it crosses the country? Study air quality. The hurricane project involves tracking hurricanes.
Oreo Project
Join this class in their online project as they try to find out "How do you eat your Oreos?"
Owl Prowl with Mrs. Silverman's Second Grade Class
Participating classes will research an owl in their environment. If there are no owls in the area, the class may choose an owl that they would like to study. Students will write reports, draw pictures, poems, and stories about owls. Activities should involve integrated learning and support state learning standards. Text and illustrations will be sent electronically to be posted on a webpage for each participating class.
Postcard Geography
This is a simple project, offered to classes all over the world via the internet. Your class commits to exchanging picture postcards (purchased, computer or handmade) with all other participants. This "Class to Class" exchange is appropriate for all ages, for public and private schools, for youth groups and for homeschools. We encourage participation from higher education, too!
Postcards from Paul
Create a global tour/tall tales project. Paul Bunyan leaves his little north woods hideaway and creates wonders around the world. We'll create the Tall Tales in collaboration with other kids in other places. It will also involve knowing about the real place. (For example, everyone knows how Paul was out for a walk with Babe, his blue ox one day , dragging his pick along the ground and created the Grand Canyon.) Involvement in the program includes- one or more of the following - sent by email attachment:
send a photo of a natural wonder - listing the place (city and country) and date on which it was taken.
make up a story about a wonder - give an internet link to the actual location.
draw a picture of Paul and/or Babe creating a wonder - tell a little of what they are creating.
    Project Centre at
    Add some magic to your classroom! Telecollaborative Learning Projects@ 2Learn .ca provide great motivation for your students, engaging them in real-world learning experiences --while you, the teacher, become a guide, facilitating this extraordinary opportunity. Join us and your classroom will no longer be bound by four walls!

    Project Feeder Watch
    This project began in 1987 as a winter survey of the birds that visit backyard feeders in the U.S. and Canada. This information helps ornithologists track changes in the abundance and distribution of bird species that use feeder in the winter.

    Scholastic's Online Activities
    Web-based ready to use curriculum projects and activities designed to meet learning standards and make learning fun.
    Seasonal Changes Through Our Eyes and Yours

    Take a tree, some sun, the seasons, and the temperature. Mix in the use of technology and extension activities. Add a roomful of smiles with a fun kind of learning and you've got the perfect recipe for a successful and motivating project in which students collect and share information with another class about their environment.
    Technospud Projects
    Ten Online Projects to Enhance Your Curriculum - Education World
    Looking for ways to introduce technology into your classroom without losing valuable teaching time? Look no further! Education World has found ten terrific on-line projects to incorporate into your curriculum.
    Terrifically Tall Tales
    Students focus on the genre of Tall Tales. Have your class read a tall tale story and then have your students do one of the suggested activities: write poems, create illustrations, write their own tall tale, or use an idea of your own, then send student work to us to be posted on our website.
    That's What Happens When It's Spring
    Students will share signs of spring in their different communities through writings and illustrations. After identifying signs of the new spring season, students will illustrate and write a descriptive poem or paragraph ending with "That's What Happens When It's Spring!"
    Tooth Tally Project
    This is the place where an everyday event experienced by many first graders all over the world -- losing a tooth -- can become a teachable moment! As first graders participate in the Tooth Tally Project, they practice their counting skills, collect data, learn to make and interpret graphs, develop map skills, and communicate through email.
    Walking in My Shoes
    Walk in My Shoes is an activity project that reaches across generations and teaches young people about growing older and the physical changes that occur with age.

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