Rubistar FABULOUS!!!!! Automating Authentic Assessment With Rubrics 
Blue Web'n Site Evaluation Rubric How to create a rubric from scratch
Kathy Schrock's Assessment Rubrics  Kathy Schrock's Critical Evaluation Information
Multimedia Book Report Rubric Paragraph Writing Rubric Generator
Performance Assessment Ideas and Rubrics The Rubric Bank
Rubric Construction Set Rubric Machine
Rubrics Rubrics4Teachers
Rubrics and Evaluation Resources Rubrics at S.C.O.R.E.
Rubrics for Assessment Rubrics for Elementary Teachers
Rubric for Evaluating Web Sites 
Rubrics for Web Lessons Ruminating on Rubrics
Teacher Rubric Makers Teachers' Internet Use Guide 
Thinking Gear: Rubric Machine Using Rubrics in Middle School
Web Page Design Rubric  Writing Rubrics at Houghton Mifflin
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