Hometown Biomes - Examine the differences among biomes by reviewing the info on this website. Determine which biome you live in, describe the features of that biome, the adaptations of the plants and animals and compare the characteristics of another biome of your choice. Draw scenes of two biomes, and write explanations of what you like or don't like about the biome you live in. Click here to download the Hometown Biomes worksheet.

A Virtual Garden - Image you are planting something in your backyard or flower pot. Use the Virtual Garden website to find the climate zone you live in and the growing conditions for plants in your area. Use the "To-Do list" link and the "Favorite Plants" link to find information about plants that thrive in your zone. Then use that information to draw a picture and note facts. Click here to download the Virtual Garden worksheet.

The Royal Monarch - Take a few minutes to browse through the Monarch and Migration website. Research the four stages of butterfly metamorphosis. Demonstrate why you've learned by drawing pictures of them and answering relevant questions about each stage. List three things you can do to learn more about butterfly migration, then decide which one your would most like to do. Click here to download The Royal Monarch worksheet.

Habitat Hunt - Click on the "How do tigers hunt?" and " How do tigers eat?" links to find out some details about the 5 kinds of tigers. Make sure you discover what kind of habitats tigers need to survive. Now click on this Tiger Adventure link and play the game "Survive!" You will need everything you learned about tiger habitats to play this game. You will be able to explore the suitability of three habitats for the Bengal tiger, based on hunting success and other things. As you play the game, use this Habitat Hunt worksheet to record information about each habitat. Then decide which is the best habitat for a tiger and tell why.

Wormy Word Search - Take some time to explore Worm World at the Yuckiest Site on the Internet. Make sure you read All About Earthworms, Worms as Recyclers, and Wendell's Cousins and collect vocabulary words to use in building your very own Wormy Word Search.Click here to download the Wormy Word Search Worksheet for you to list the important wormy words and their meanings. Then make the Word Search by writing your words across, backwards, up, down, or diagonally. After you place your words on the grid, fill in the rest of the spaces with "dummy" letters. Now trade papers with your learning partner and solve each other's puzzles.


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