Listed are some great projects supplied by Hewlett-Packard. It’s worth the time to check these out. There are many pre-made/ready to print templates for your use. These are only a few. Click around and you will find many more. Just double-click or “Control + Click” on the link to visit. Once there, usually clicking on “download art” will bring you to the template.

Holidays and Events

Elementary School Kit

School Photo Card and Frame

School Survival Kit

School Cool

School Days Scrapbook

School Kit

School Binder Covers

School Report Covers

School Kit Calendar

School Schedules

Holidays and Events Directory

Smart Remarks Bookmarks

Photo Fun and Crafts Directory

Cards and Stationery Directory

Teacher Appreciation Kit

HP Digital Photo Projects

Creative Projects Photo Fun and Crafts

Daily Photo Journal Template to Download

Sports Magazine Covers to Personalize

Cards and Stationery