TimeLiner is a practical and easy-to-use tool for creating and printing timelines of historical, contemporary, and future events. This software is very easy to use. You simply type events or items in any order, and Timeliner does the rest. The program puts everything in chronological order and figures out the correct spacing. Time lines can easily be merged edited, and printed. You can add graphics, sounds, movies, notes, and titles; customize font sizes, styles and colors.
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Student autobiographies are constructed using Timeliner. Students consult with their families and select an important event for each year, then create their autobiography timeline in Timeliner. Each child selects one important event from his autobiography and use a Quick Cam video recorder to record each other telling about that event. They should also take a digital picture of each other to include in their multimedia timeline. Students learn how to import .avi files into their work, as well as digital pictures. They should add flags from the states in which they were born and chose backgrounds. Then use the Slide Show format and show their autobiography timeline to the rest of the class and parents. Students meet writing requirements such as developing notes for important content, organizing information in a graphic format, and prioritizing information with this project.
Resources to use with Timeliner workshop
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