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Day 10
computer Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each
morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the
day. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in the list below.

Journal | Question of the Day | E-mail assignment | Blackboard

CD Journal response - The Journal Question for today is " Have you ever built a WebQuest and would you be interested in an online class that works you through the process?" Check out the WebQuest page and find one you think would correlate with your curriculum and tell me which one. Also please tell me if you have any requests for further technology staff development in specific areas.
   Blackboard Basics - login to Tangischools Blackboard at http://bb.tangischools.org and go to the Discussion Board. Click on the link "Day 10 Morning Discussion Board." Visit the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives at http://matti.usu.edu/nlvm/nav/vlibrary.html and explore the many online interactive tools available to students PreK-12. Find a manipulative on this website that you could use in your classroom and share it with the group. No matter what you teach, there is always an opportunity to create cross-curriculum connections, and this website is a great jumping off point for those connections.
Question of the Day -"How do you insert a watermark in a Microsoft Word Document and what are Headers and Footers?"    Creating a Watermark in MS Word. Click here to find step-by-step directions on creating a Microsoft Word Document with a watermark. Do an example using a watermark of something "schooly" and then type a sample letter to your class.
computer Email assignment - Check your email and you will find messages from me. Add a Note and a Task in Outlook Exchange of your Tangischools email account. When you finish the Question of the Day assignment email it to me as an attachment.
Google Toolbar - Click here to find the directions to put a Google toolbar in your Internet Explorer browser window. What a great and time efficient way to search on the Internet. Download this Google toolbar for you TangiTech computer that you are working on today and then use do it on every computer you use at home and school.
Four NETS for Better Searching - Read through this website to get some great hints to become a better "searcher."
blue computerLagniappe
1) Download Jeopardy games created by teachers on a variety of different subjects.

2) Visit the Printables page to find things you can use in your classroom.
disk Using Autoshapes and Callouts with graphics in PowerPoint and Word.
computer Customize a Candy Rapper using MS PowerPoint - Click here for step by step directions and use the template on your TangiTech #2 CD.
Educators Guide to Copyright and Fair Use by Hall Davidson - Learn what is legal and what is not when dealing with the digital information age.
CD Lagniappe - Science Netlinks - The Lunar Cycle
blue computer Customize doorhangers for your classroom - a template in MS PowerPoint and create a WANTED poster using your digital picture. Use the templates on your TangiTech #2 CD to complete these two projects.
Here is the template for the larger doorhangers.
computer Seed Packets is just one of the PowerPoint templates you can find on the Templates for Teachers page.
cd You will burn a CD with all of your work that you have saved on your network folder to take home with you today. Let's learn how to burn files to a CD using the built in function in Windows XP as well as Roxio.
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